• News Team Ninja Is Aware of Demand for a New Ninja Gaiden Game

    Nothing confirmed, though

    Team Ninja has been doing pretty well for itself with the Nioh series. The second game is right around the corner, and by all accounts, it's shaping up to be a fantastic sequel. If you haven't yet, check out our thoughts on Nioh 2 after a hands-on demo. As great as these games are, there's still a hope among fans that the...



  • Feature Understanding the Niche - Ninja Gaiden III

    Cutting deeper for a better understanding

    Ninja Gaiden III recently sliced its way to store shelves with much hype and anticipation from long-time fans, but developer Team Ninja’s hopes to release a Ninja Gaiden title with mass market appeal unintentionally cut right through the hearts of its core fanbase that’s supported the studio for nearly a...



  • News Ninja Gaiden 3's Hero Mode Explained

    New multiplayer details too

    Ninja Gaiden III is slicing into Europe on March 2012 and new details are finally starting to sneak our way. This time up, Game Informer recently published an article that broke new details on the controversial Hero Mode in the game, a new approach for the series that's pushing to attract gamers who are more casual than...


  • News Ninja Gaiden Sigma Slices to Vita

    With exclusive control options too

    Ninja Gaiden moved into the 3D world when it launched on the Xbox in 2004. Staying true to its 2D side-scrolling roots, the game was difficulty was through the roof, but yet a deep fighting engine reminiscent of Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive series gave those willing to perfect the intricacies of this games engine a...