• Random Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes Recreate The Genius PS4 Game Sharing Smackdown


    Anyone else remember this? Back when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were the new kids on the block, Microsoft was under fire for its controversial online and used game policies. It quickly changed all that, of course, but at the time it went down extremely poorly. Sony, meanwhile, made it clear when its new console was revealed that there...

  • News PS4 Sales on the Decline as PS5 Draws Near

    Next-gen approaches

    Sony has just posted its latest financial report, covering the third quarter of fiscal year 2019. This covers the holiday season, and it's pretty clear that PlayStation 4 sales are beginning to fall. As you can see in Sony's presentation, sales were down 20 per cent year-on-year for its gaming sector. The company attributes this...

  • News Sony to Raise Money for Australia with a Month of Livestream Fundraisers

    And you can join in too

    It has been truly heartbreaking to see and hear about the Australian bushfire crisis over the last few months. It's an enormous tragedy with millions of animals and dozens of people lost to the country-wide inferno. We don't want to harp on the point too much, as we're sure you all know about this by now, but it's a natural...







  • E3 2019 Phil Spencer: I Wish Sony Was at E3

    Xbox boss says the trade show isn't the same without its rival

    Sony has famously skipped E3 2019, and while some would argue that it made the right decision, it's clear that some would've liked to have seen something from the platform holder. It may have had nothing to show, and it's obviously pursuing a direct-to-consumer approach with its State of...