• Review No Man's Sky (PS4)

    Every opinion procedural

    We can't believe our luck. For all the planets and moons in this system, most of them scorched and practically lifeless, the last one we visit is a bonafide world of paradise. Lush bright blue grass stretches out to the horizon where it meets a scarlet sky, the space station hanging just close enough to make out its shape...


  • Review Joe Danger 2: The Movie (PlayStation Vita)

    Joe man's sky

    While developer Hello Games has arguably moved on to bigger and better things with No Man's Sky, we suspect that Joe Danger will always remain a part of the Guildford-based outfit's DNA. The original game was a smash hit on the PlayStation 3, prompting the four-man studio's stuntman-like soar to popularity, and its successor, Joe...

  • Review Joe Danger (PlayStation Vita)

    Not so dangerous

    Joe Danger was a stunt hero, right up until he bit off more than he could chew and ended up hospitalized. It was a gruelling process, but he's back on his bike, and only you can help him to get back to the top. Expect to spend a huge amount of time flying through the air, making the kind of landings that'll make reproducing all but...


  • Review Joe Danger 2: The Movie (PlayStation 3)

    Movie magic

    Joe Danger is back, performing more death defying stunts with style and panache. This time, however, Joe has hit the big-time and has become a Hollywood stuntman. And with his new job comes new responsibilities; he's not just driving quad bikes and motorcycles anymore, instead he must master mine carts, snowmobiles, skis and even jet...


  • Review Joe Danger (PlayStation 3)

    Formed by four legendary Guildford developers, Joe Danger is the fruit of new studio up-start Hello Games

    Based around the concept that jumping off ramps is fun (it is!), Joe Danger is a combination of influences. Clearly inspired by Nintendo's overlooked Excite Bike franchise, Joe Danger's a 2D motorcycle side-scroller, in which your objective is...