• Feature The 10 Best PS4 Soundtracks of 2016

    Hitting the right notes

    Another year gone. Times flies, doesn't it? 2016 may have been, erm, less than stellar in a lot of respects, but the games industry was by no means one of the problems. Quality reigned supreme across so many titles it's hard to keep track. Not to be left behind, though, was the music from these games, which delivered some top...


  • Mission Blog Chapter 6 - Boldly Going

    The final frontier

    The black hole was alarmingly close. It was an arresting if slightly terrifying sight, with an attractive blue aura surrounding a harshly defined circle of darkness. Though No Man's Sky's black holes offer some of the most striking (and perilously inviting) views in the game, my curiosity got the better of me just before I flew...

  • Mission Blog Chapter 5 - Atlas, At Last

    We are not alone

    I didn't really want to leave the Rachel system. There were lots of planets, all of them were great for different reasons, and I was making mega space bucks. I found another planet, not far from Gravitino Rush, that was covered in venom sacs. They were also worth a bundle, and collecting them was just as dangerous as it was with...

  • Mission Blog Chapter 4 - Financial Times

    Money, it's a gas

    I'd been searching for copper among the asteroids hovering in the nothingness for at least an hour. The hyperdrive upgrade I managed to find in the last system required hundreds of the stuff, and I was accumulating it at a snail's pace. After visiting a handful of yellow star systems and knowing full well that the other colours...

  • Podcast Episode 13 - The State of Cloud Gaming in 2016

    And robot genitalia

    Hey, I'm back! After a collection of events impeding production, this show is back on the road in full force and we couldn't be happier. This episode is a big'un as we discuss the state of cloud gaming in 2016 after outlining the all-important news. Our super-duper special guest this week is the majestic northerner, Robert...

  • Mission Blog Chapter 3 - Man on the Moon

    Take a hike

    The Laptop system was, on first impressions, a bit of a letdown. One planet with two moons? Is that all you've got for me, Laptop? Pfff. It wasn't all bad, though. I hadn't really seen many moons at that stage, so I was intrigued to see if there were any differences. Perhaps they'd be rockier and less rich in resources. Whatever the...


  • Mission Blog Chapter 2 - Systematic

    Infinite improbability

    I was only my second star system in – now named Coaster, of course – but already it felt like I was in a whole new place. The Gek space station was a silhouette against a vivid burnt orange backdrop, and a couple of freighter ships warped imposingly close, blocking my view of the nearest planet. There were very few planets...

  • Mission Blog Chapter 1 - Hello, Worlds

    Come fly with me

    I don't like to draw much attention to No Man's Sky's technical problems, undeniably present though they are, but I did find it sort of hilarious that after my initial attempt to boot the game up saw it crash, it turned out you begin the game having crash landed. It was a graceless, unintentionally brilliant moment, the software...

  • Mission Blog Join Me on My Journey to the Centre of the Universe

    Take off

    "Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space." The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is one of my all-time favourite things. It's hilarious, it's silly, and it's about travelling through...