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    Review Has-Been Heroes

    Past it?

    Frozenbyte's best known for the Trine titles: a colourful trilogy of platformers characterised by lush fantasy environments and physics-based co-op puzzling. Charming, funny, and gorgeous, they were some of the best examples of the genre on consoles. Has-Been Heroes, however, is a very different beast. The charm is still there, although...


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    Review Shadwen


    Shadwen is a third-person stealth-action game that begins with the implied murder of a king at the hands of a skilled female assassin. As the monarch's crown falls to the ground, we see the face of a young girl travelling with the killer, and the game flashes back to a


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    Review Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

    Third time's not a charm

    To start on a personal anecdote, this particular editor had the pleasure of playing Trine 2: Complete Story for his first review at Push Square two years ago, and much to our surprise, we were delighted that it was a magical indie title that boasted some of the greatest visuals we'd seen with phenomenal puzzles and...


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    Review Trine: Enchanted Edition

    Trine too hard

    Trine is undoubtedly the quintessential puzzle platformer. Originally released in 2008, the surprisingly lengthy adventure has since been re-released a number of different times on a number of different platforms. This latest version includes upgraded visuals, but does its classic gameplay still hold up, or should it be banished to...


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    Review Trine 2: Complete Story

    A dreamy journey

    How would you sum up a typical children’s fantasy story? Perhaps words like whimsical, imaginative, and magical come to mind. For some reason, fairy tales have this strange ability to captivate the minds of not just children, but adults as well, because they bring out feelings of wonder and longing for adventure. Trine 2: Complete...


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    Review Trine 2


    When the original Trine released back in 2009, it took us on a fun yet flawed 2D physics-based puzzling quest, inspired by the cult favourite SNES classic, The Lost Vikings. Even with its faults, nothing stopped the game from rapidly growing a large fan base. With Trine 2, developer Frozenbyte has pulled out every bit of magic it...


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    Review Trine

    Serving as a means to make sense of a game where you play as a Wizard, Knight and Thief at the same time; the whimsical plot of Trine tracks the events of three contrasting personalities who have been fused together via the sorcery of a magical artifact

    What ensues is a trip through a deserted kingdom, where the three must each use their unique...