• Review NHL 20 - A Slightly Improved Version of the Same Game

    Video game misconduct

    Sports games have a tendency to change incrementally year-to-year. This applies to the bigger sports franchises, let alone the smaller ones, which is what NHL 20 falls under. NHL 19 was an absolute disaster of a product, underwhelming in almost every way possible, so it's with optimism that we say this is a step forward, though...



  • Review NHL 19 - Ice Hockey Deserves Much Better

    Puck off

    The NHL series is a weird one. Years ago, when 2K had its own NHL series, there was a competition for attention between the two franchises that drove both series’ forward as time went by. But without the competition that NBA Live deals with or the massive install base of Madden, NHL usually comes off as the series that is generally...


  • Review EA Sports UFC 3 (PS4)

    Chat crap get banged

    You’ll need a strong stomach, but EA Sports UFC 3 simply feels good. Dana White’s snowballing brand of mixed martial arts is not known for pulling its punches, and the third instalment in EA Sports’ series hits similarly hard, with wince-inducing haymakers breaking noses like they’re breadsticks. Industry leading...


  • Review FIFA 18 (PS4)

    Bang in form

    Surprise surprise, FIFA 18 is another rock solid entry in EA's footie sim series. Why wouldn't it be? It feels like the developer pretty much nailed its formula years ago, and ever since, it's just tweaked and added things little by little with each annual instalment. This year's title is no different. It looks better, it plays better,...


  • Review FIFA 17 (PS4)

    Signing of the summer

    Another year, another FIFA review, although this time around, there's actually a reasonable amount of new stuff to talk about without having dig deep into the finer - and frankly quite boring - technicalities of tweaked gameplay mechanics. Taken as a whole, FIFA 17 is the biggest step forward that the sports series has seen in...

  • Review NHL 17 (PS4)

    Returning to the first line

    With NHL 17 being the second version of EA's hockey sim to be released since the shameful PlayStation 4 debut that was NHL 15, fans of puck-based sports were rightfully expecting the good work done in last year's edition to carry on through and be improved upon even further to really bring the franchise into the current...


  • Review EA Sports UFC 2 (PS4)

    Not a Rousey success

    As the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle once said: "Kick, punch, it's all in the mind." Or, in the case of EA Sports UFC 2, the sequel to EA's first major MMA outing: "Kick, punch, it's all in the controls." See, while this year's adaptation of the popular bloodsport is as brutal as ever, the core fighting gameplay seems to...


  • Review FIFA 16 (PS4)

    Pace yourself

    It's easy to say that with every year that passes, it gets harder and harder to review FIFA. EA Sports' annual licensed franchise loves nothing more than to stick to its guns, and with no real competition for its popularity crown, it's no surprise that this is the case. FIFA 15 was another solid, very enjoyable instalment in what's...

  • Review NHL 16 (PS4)

    The icemen cometh

    When EA Canada said that NHL 14 would be skipping a next generation release so that it could concentrate on making NHL 15 the best that it could possibly be, no one really batted an eyelid. It sounded like a perfectly reasonable thing and for the most part it was accepted. That is, until NHL 15 released. Hockey's first foray onto...


  • Review FIFA 15 (PlayStation 4)

    Straight down the middle

    Reviewing FIFA tends to get harder as the years pass, especially when there are no new gameplay innovations or drastic blueprint alterations to shout about. Last year's entry felt like a step up purely because of the graphical and technical improvements that came courtesy of new hardware, but FIFA 15 is obviously unable to...


  • Review NHL 15 (PlayStation 4)

    Too few men on the ice

    Last year, when EA made it apparent that NHL 14 would be the only sports game to be skipping out on arriving on the (at the time) next generation of consoles, some people were distraught – this author included. Why would the publisher miss out on introducing NHL to the PlayStation 4 as soon as possible? It was explained to...


  • Review EA Sports UFC (PlayStation 4)

    Figurative knock out

    From its inception in the early 90s to calls for a ban on what Senator John McCain called ‘human cockfighting’, Ultimate Fighting Championship exploded in popularity in the mid-2000s, and its following shows no signs of diminishing. As such, there have been a number of video game tie-ins over the years, but it is with the...



  • Review FIFA 14 (PlayStation 4)

    Through on goal

    EA Sports' annual football franchise has enjoyed a good run of late, maintaining steady form over the past few years. The PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 14 was another solid step in the right direction, even if it was more about evolution rather than revolution, as we described in our review. Now, the game makes the jump to Sony's new...


  • Review FIFA 14 (PlayStation 3)

    Keeping pace

    Now comfortable and confident with its position right at the very top of the football gaming league, FIFA remains a solid and reliable choice this year. But with Pro Evolution Soccer slowly but surely closing the gap between itself and EA's consistent franchise, does FIFA 14 do enough to secure its lead? The short answer is yes –...


  • Review FIFA 13 (PlayStation 3)

    Champions League

    Compared to reality, FIFA 13 is pure; an uncompromised look at all the thrills that football entails, wrapped in a stylish package that wouldn't look out of place on television. Mercifully it remains focused on the core of football, free of the scandal that so often overshadows the sport presently. There are no faked injuries or...


  • Review FIFA Street (PlayStation 3)

    Quality street

    A lot has changed in the football genre since EA released FIFA Street 3 back in 2008. The mainline FIFA franchise has enjoyed an impressive transformation over the past five years and, consequentially, has knocked former champion Pro Evolution Soccer from the top of the league. It’s telling, then, that the latest FIFA Street comes...


  • Review Grand Slam Tennis 2 (PlayStation 3)

    Serving up a winner?

    Grand Slam Tennis 2 has the daunting task of following up last year’s brace of solid tennis titles. Both Virtua Tennis 4 and Top Spin 4 hold a racquet-like grip on the two opposing formats of the tennis genre: Virtua Tennis with its slick arcade action and Top Spin with its challenging simulation focus. It’s unsurprising,...


  • Review FIFA 12 (PlayStation 3)

    The beautiful game

    Revamped mechanics enhance the authenticity of FIFA 12 and complement a range of new modes and features. It's a package that brims with care and attention, going the extra mile in almost every facet of its presentation. You only need to spend a few moments with FIFA 12 to understand just how much the developers love the sport it's...


  • Review 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa (PlayStation 3)

    The improvements to the actual gameplay may only be subtle, but improvements to the way information is presented and some good online implementation make 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa the best football game on the market

    Until FIFA 11 comes out anyway. The stop-gap summer cash-in with a heart - for years people have questioned the relevance of...


  • Review NBA Live 10 (PlayStation 3)

    NBA Live 10 looks great and plays with refined vigour

    It's not without its problems, but if basketball is your thing - there's plenty here to enjoy. Having somewhat lost its mojo in recent years, NBA Live 10 is a fairly big step forward for the franchise. Graphically the game has come a decent length, with player animation vastly improved, making...

  • Review FIFA 10 (PlayStation 3)

    Fifa 10 is the latest update in EA Sports' popular Fifa franchise

    One of the biggest titles in the world, Fifa 10 builds upon the excellent Fifa 09 which caused a paradigm shift in football games and actually ended up being the superior product when compared to the usual front runner Pro Evolution Soccer. Fifa 10 brings with it a number of new buzz...


  • Review Fight Night Round 4 (PlayStation 3)

    Building on the early success of Fight Night Round 3, the latest iteration of EA's boxing franchise builds on the realistic feel and excellent graphics of its predecessor

    The game includes a main campaign entitled the Legacy Mode, which allows you to choose a character and see build them through the ranks. Your ultimate goal is to retire at the...


  • Review FIFA 09: Ultimate Team (PlayStation 3)

    Ultimate Team is an extension to the excellent Fifa 09, allowing players to earn coins, buy trading cards and complete a sticker album

    Upon loading Ultimate Team you will be given your first pack of cards featuring some amateur players. From here you can build your team and play matches in order to earn coins. Earning coins allows you to buy new...