• Gamescom 2015 FIFA 16 Is All About the Banter

    Different style of Pele

    Sports games: the bane of most EA press conferences. FIFA 16 has always looked out of place at E3 – everyone remembers the infamous Pele interview – but in Cologne it was at home, showing off some new features and dispelling all of the "just another roster update" rumours. The new headline feature is FUT Draft, shown off...



  • News EA Canada Gets to Work on EA Sports UFC

    Fight club

    EA Canada, known for its work on the Fight Night series, will be behind EA Sports' new licensed UFC game. It's provisionally known as EA Sports UFC. A new 'Fighting Team' has also been created at EA because of the UFC licence acquisition. Fight Night Round 3 and Fight Night Champion gameplay design lead Brian Hayes has taken up the role...


  • News EA Sports Introduces Grand Slam Tennis 2's Pro AI System

    Signature acoustics

    In a new trailer, Grand Slam Tennis 2's excitable producer, Thomas Singleton, has offered a birds-eye view at the upcoming sim's Pro AI system. The theory is that the game's able to capture the behaviour of its professional players — from John "you cannot be serious" McEnroe's trademark outbursts, right through to...