• Review Mega Man 11 - Hard As Rocks Return for the Blue Bomber

    Robot rock

    It's been eight years since the last Mega Man game, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it wasn't that long ago. Since 2010's Mega Man 10 released on PlayStation 3, Capcom has subtly kept its robotic hero in the limelight with a spate of Legacy Collection re-releases, while Keiji Inafune himself created the lacklustre spiritual successor,...


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    Review Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle

    A brawler CPS-pecialist's dream Capcom-pilation

    Don’t hang up! We have a little business proposition for you. Push Square propose that any retro gamer with a love of side-scrolling beat-‘em-ups make it their business to play the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle, particularly as a historical jaunt through an impressive display of seven cherry-picked...


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    Review Mega Man X Legacy Collection


    Mega Man X, the gold standard for rock solid, fast paced dashing and crashing action, is back again in what seems like the property's hundredth re-release. This time, however, it's available across two collections with all eight entries in the mainline Mega Man X series. Most of us should know what Mega Man is by now, but for the...



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    Review Devil May Cry HD Collection

    Devil Never Cry

    Devil May Cry is a franchise that revolutionised hack-and-slash gaming back when it first released in October 2001 for the PlayStation 2. Since then, the series has seen several sequels that varied in quality, but ultimately still provided some of the most exciting and engaging gameplay to date. Naturally, Capcom had decided to...


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    Review Monster Hunter: World

    A whole new world

    Monster Hunter: World is a departure for the franchise – and we're not just talking the new location. This is the first main entry to launch away from Nintendo since 2006, when Monster Hunter 2 found its feet on the PlayStation 2. It's a bit of a leap going from the technologically limited platforms of Nintendo to the PlayStation...


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    Review Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - End of Zoe

    Zoe mode

    You’ve got to love it when developers conclude their post-release plans with something bonkers like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s bizarre End of Zoe. As the title implies, this extra episode is designed to plug the final plot hole in Capcom’s survival horror story: just what happened to Zoe Baker after she went all anime and turned to...

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    Review Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - Not a Hero

    You've got Redfield on you

    Ex-BSAA agent Chris Redfield is back, but before you feel yourself getting flustered, be aware that this isn’t the beefcake from recent instalments. Instead the hunk has returned to his PSone days, trading rippling biceps for a silky soft quiff and designer stubble. Sure, you’re not going to find the veteran fighting...

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    Review Okami HD

    Paint a celestial masterpiece in 4K

    Some games are iconic, classics that are worth revisiting and bringing to a new audience. Okami is a prime example. Back in 2006 this was one of the PlayStation 2’s best games – a uniquely creative action, platform, and puzzle RPG with an incredible visual cel-shaded style. Now ten years later and...

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    Review Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package

    Frank Best

    Dead Rising has always been an oddball series, mixing in semi-serious takes on consumerism with absurdist humour and some downright disturbing moments. It may not have be the most polished or popular series, but it's always had a distinctive identity despite its moments of clunkiness and frustration. Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package,...


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    Review Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    The cycle repeats

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen was one of the standout action role-playing games of the last generation, with an emphasis on 'action'. Indeed, Capcom's Western fantasy-infused tale offered up a breathless combat system -- a deep and very customisable combination of light attacks, heavy blows, and special abilities. It was the...


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    Review Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


    For a publisher seemingly in need of a success story, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite should be the very definition of an easy win. Indeed, since Marvel vs. Capcom 3 launched, the comic book brand has become an unstoppable force in theatres, with multiple movies becoming record breaking blockbuster hits. And that’s ignoring the fact that...