• Round Up What Was Announced at Capcom Showcase 2023?

    All the PS5, PS4 news from Capcom Showcase

    Looking for a round up of what was announced at Capcom Showcase 2023? Fortunately for you, this article is exactly that. The publisher has now concluded its short but sweet presentation, showing off several of its impending projects. If you're looking for all the headlines, we've brought them all together...

  • Poll Was Capcom Showcase 2023 All Killer, or Mostly Filler?

    Capgod or Capdud?

    Capcom is one of the last major publishers with its own dedicated event this June. It's been on a fantastic run of form for years now, and today was another opportunity for the company to show it's still going strong. We saw a handful of exciting titles from the publisher during Capcom Showcase 2023, including Dragon's Dogma 2,...

  • Guide What Time Is Capcom Showcase 2023?

    Dates, times, and what to expect

    When is Capcom Showcase 2023? The Japanese publisher is one of the last major players in this summer's games industry blowout. With several exciting games on the way (and, presumably, more that are unannounced), this one should have a few morsels of gaming goodness for us. So, when's it all happening? On this page,...

  • News Want More Resident Evil Remakes? Tell Capcom Which Ones in Official Survey

    REmakes everywhere

    It's no secret that Capcom's run of Resident Evil remakes has been very successful thus far. The new iterations of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 were particularly transformative, and this year's Resident Evil 4 made an all-time classic even better. With several of the mainline titles having now been modernised, it seems the...


  • News More Resident Evil Updates Coming in October Showcase

    Capcom to focus on the franchise next month

    Capcom has announced plans to air another Resident Evil Showcase in the near future. Following its presentation at Tokyo Game Show, the publisher stated it would have more Resi franchise announcements and updates to make next month, with a showcase scheduled for October. All we know about the presentation...






  • News See Diablos in This Leaked Monster Hunter Movie Teaser


    Last year, news broke that the Resident Evil movie director Paul W. S. Anderson is busy adapting Monster Hunter to the big screen. We also caught a few glimpses at what the movie might look like with some decidedly un-Monster Hunter stills, showing soldiers and modern weaponry. Uh oh. Thankfully, the below clip, captured offscreen at...



  • News Metacritic Dubs Capcom the Best Publisher of 2018

    Sony at number 6

    Aggregate site Metacritic doesn't just average out review scores -- it holds a lot of interesting information across various types of media. Each year, the site crunches the numbers to determine which game publisher performed the best in terms of the number of games released and how they fared critically. For 2018, it's Capcom that...



  • News Devil May Cry 5 Opening Scenes Leaked

    Early spoilers are out there

    It's not even near its release date and leaked Devil May Cry 5 scenes are already loose on the internet. While the original recording of said scenes has been taken down, this didn't stop speedy users reposting the video around the web. Via Rezoura's YouTube channel, the video showcases some...