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Sunday9th Jun 2024

  • News Diablo 4's First Expansion Delves to PS5 in October

    Oh, hell

    Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred, the action RPG's first expansion, now has a release date. It slashes its way to PS5 on the 8th October, giving you a few months to get your characters and their equipment up to snuff. You can get a feel for the DLC's tone via the new cinematic trailer we've embedded above, but it's basically three minutes of...

Wednesday1st May 2024

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Wednesday14th Feb 2024

  • News Diablo 4's $30 Class-Locked Portal Skins a Fresh Hell for Fans

    "Portal through Sanctuary in style"

    Blizzard is a company notorious for inflicting microtransactions on its player base, a hell Diablo 4 players have been enduring for a while now. But the company's latest overpriced aesthetic offering goes so far beyond the pale that we can't help but admire its outright brazen nature. For just $30, the asking...

Wednesday17th Jan 2024

Thursday11th Jan 2024

  • News Diablo 4 Season 3 Set for the 23rd January

    Hell yeah?

    Diablo 4's third season will kick off on the 23rd January, according to the game's freshly updated login screen. Blizzard is yet to actually tell us what Season 3 will entail, but the developer has been teasing a livestream for the near future. It's safe to assume that details are incoming, then. Of course, this also means that you've...

Monday6th Nov 2023

Wednesday25th Oct 2023

  • Rumour Diablo 4's First Expansion Has Been Unearthed

    Let the hate flow through you

    References to what seems to be the first expansion for Diablo 4 have been datamined from the game's latest test build. According to YouTube channel YbuBaKa (as summarised by Strakt on ResetEra), the yet-to-be-announced DLC will revolve around Mephisto — a demonic lord who already plays a pivotal role in the game's...

Tuesday24th Oct 2023

Thursday19th Oct 2023

  • Poll Do You Still Play Diablo 4?

    Hell and back

    With the launch of Diablo 4's second season, the Season of Blood, it's dawned on us that the action RPG is over four months old. And in that time, it feels like the title has drawn no shortage of criticism. Controversial updates dominated the conversation around release — followed by a seemingly lacklustre first season — and...

Tuesday17th Oct 2023

  • News Diablo 4 Season of Blood Is Live on PS5, PS4 After a Slight Delay

    Bloody hell

    Update: Diablo 4's second seasonal affair, the Season of Blood, is now live across all platforms, including PS5 and PS4. The whole thing was slapped with a several-hour delay at the last minute, but we got there in the end. Just in case you don't know, the new season features fresh vampiric challenges and abilities. Hopefully it's all...

  • News Blizzard Yanks Error-Riddled Diablo 4 Season of Blood Trailer

    Timing is everything

    Publisher Blizzard has pulled a trailer for Diablo 4's imminent Season of Blood (launching 17th October) after players pointed out a few glaring issues, a prime example of why you should never show your mathematical workings. Ostensibly meant to build excitement, the live service's laser-focused community quickly tore into its...

Thursday12th Oct 2023

Wednesday11th Oct 2023

Wednesday6th Sep 2023

  • News Diablo 4 Yearly Expansions Seemingly Confirmed by Blizzard

    Hell year

    Prior to the release of Diablo 4, developer Blizzard had said that expansions would almost certainly be part of the game's live service model, and now it sounds like the plan is to release a big DLC once per year. The supposed confirmation comes from general manager Rod Fergusson, who, in an interview with Dexerto says "When you look at...

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  • News Diablo 4's Latest Patch Makes Unique Items Easier to Come By

    All aboard the Helltide train

    Diablo 4's latest patch is live now on PlayStation platforms, bringing with it a long list of bug fixes and improvements, but most crucially of all, makes the acquisition of Unique items easier. Blizzard posted the full list, which is available for your perusal, but for our purposes, it's the addition of Unique items...