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Wednesday28th Jun 2023

  • News Diablo 4's Latest Patch Significantly Increases Endgame XP Gains

    Amongst other things

    Diablo 4's latest patch just dropped, and it compiles a fairly extensive list of bug fixes and improvements which should keep the experience of playing smooth. The biggest changes, at least for those who managed to beat the game's extensive Campaign, are targeted at XP gains. Specifically, these changes affect gains during the...

Monday26th Jun 2023

Friday16th Jun 2023

  • News Blizzard Nerfs Dungeons to Stop Rampant Diablo 4 XP Farming

    Salt the earth

    Blizzard's latest hotfix for Diablo 4, amongst other things, aims to stop rampant XP farming by "standardising the density of elite monsters that spawn in dungeons to ensure that no particular dungeon is clearly more efficient to run through than others." In a tale as old as time, gamers have already discovered the most optimal...

Tuesday6th Jun 2023

Friday2nd Jun 2023

  • News Diablo 4 PS5, PS4 Early Launch Faces Invalid License Issues

    Blizzard is investigating

    It was never going to be as smooth and problem-free as Blizzard wanted it to be, was it? Diablo 4 is available to play now on PS5, PS4 via the four days of early access granted by the Ultimate Edition, and many users are encountering an error to do with license issues. This is preventing them from playing the game, but it...

Wednesday31st May 2023

  • News Diablo 4 Dev Promises Servers Will Survive Launch Day Surge

    Prepped and ready

    With the demonic onset of Diablo 4 almost upon us, it doesn't take an apocalyptic prophet of the end times to predict the awesome action RPG is going to be massive. Understandably, fans are concerned about whether servers will be up to the inevitable strain come launch day, a fear which has been allayed previously. Nevertheless,...

Tuesday30th May 2023

Tuesday23rd May 2023

  • News Gory Diablo 4 Story Trailer Will Have You Hyped as Hell

    By three, they come

    The wait for Diablo 4 has been an infernal one, but worry not, weary wanderer. The appointed time draws ever closer. We know because we just got this hype-as-heck story launch trailer, despite the game not actually launching until 6th June (2nd June for purchasers of the Ultimate Edition). To be clear, this is the story trailer...

Thursday18th May 2023

Tuesday16th May 2023

  • News Blizzard Is 'Really Confident' Diablo 4 Won't Break on Launch Day

    The Server Slam did its job

    Diablo 4 developer Blizzard has said it expects a smooth PS5, PS4 launch next month thanks to the betas and series of server stress tests it's conducted over recent months. Speaking with Eurogamer, it's revealed the team has been doing internal tests with millions of bot accounts for over a year now, and has learned a lot...

Monday15th May 2023

  • News Diablo 4's Story Explained in New Lore-Heavy Video

    Heaven or Hell

    The Diablo franchise isn't typically known for its storytelling, but there is some cool lore behind all of the demon-slaying action. And with Diablo 4 just a few weeks away from its full release on the 6th June, Blizzard is on hand to explain just what the hell's going on in its latest dark fantasy adventure. Set roughly 50 years...

Friday12th May 2023

Thursday11th May 2023

  • News Diablo 4 Dev Reconfirms Cosmetic-Only Microtransactions

    Live service stuff detailed

    Diablo 4 developer Blizzard has spilled a few more beans on the game's live service elements. With the action RPG set to launch on PS5 and PS4 in just under a month, it makes sense for the studio to clarify how things will work once we're in the post-launch period. First up: Blizzard has reiterated that microtransactions...

Thursday4th May 2023

  • News Diablo 4's Live Service Stuff Will Be Detailed Next Week

    Seasons, battle pass...

    Like it or not, Diablo 4 is set to be a long-term project for Blizzard, through the magic of a live service model. That's not to say the action RPG's going to launch unfinished or anything — the campaign's supposed to be a good 35 hours long, for example — but the intention is to keep adding and refreshing things as the...

Tuesday25th Apr 2023

  • News Diablo 4's Max Level Will Take Most Players 150 Hours to Hit

    The big 100

    Trying to determine the length of a game like Diablo 4 seems like a pretty pointless endeavour, since players can technically grind for all eternity. But if you're desperate for a number, then associate game director Joseph Piepiora has your back. When asked about how long it'll take to reach the game's level cap of 100, Piepiora says...

Thursday20th Apr 2023

  • News Diablo 4 Opens to Everyone in May for One Last Pre-Release Run

    The Server Slam

    After a bout of teasing on social media, Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 4 will return for one more networking test ahead of its full release in June. From Friday the 12th May to Sunday the 14th May, the game will be open to everyone, and will feature the same content as the previous beta weekends. The big gameplay adjustments...

Wednesday19th Apr 2023

  • News Diablo 4 Will Lack an Essential Feature from Past Entries

    Time to get your eyes tested

    Diablo 4's release date is fast approaching, with the apocalyptic action RPG springing forth on PS5 and PS4 on 6th June. It's officially gone gold (yay), but the Tweet announcing that fact was something of a double-edged sword, as Rod Ferguson, the dark lord of the Diablo franchise, popped into the replies to confirm a...

Monday17th Apr 2023

  • News Diablo 4 Goes Gold Ahead of June Release Date

    Hell-o there

    Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 4 has gone gold, meaning that the game's ready to ship ahead of its 6th June release date on PS5 and PS4. A few months back, there were actually some (unsubstantiated) whispers that the action RPG would be delayed to later in the year, but the date has stuck. This is all following on from immensely...

Friday14th Apr 2023

Thursday13th Apr 2023

Wednesday12th Apr 2023

  • News Diablo 4's Campaign Can Be Skipped Once It's Completed

    Additional characters can ignore the story

    Over the last few weeks, we've seen some Diablo fans wondering how having multiple characters will work in Diablo 4. Because there's no story-skipping Adventure Mode (as there is in Diablo 3), does every character you make have to slog through the game's main story? We were asking this same question prior...

Thursday6th Apr 2023

Wednesday5th Apr 2023

  • News Diablo 4 Details Its Many Endgame Activities

    Forged in fire

    Blizzard has spilled the beans on how Diablo 4 will (hopefully) keep you playing well beyond the end of the main campaign. And to be honest, it all sounds very promising. Once you've slaughtered your way through the game's story, a bunch of activities are unlocked so that you can continue to develop your character(s). Here's a quick...

Thursday30th Mar 2023

  • News Diablo 4 Releases Some Mind-Blowing Beta Stats

    Bloody hell

    Surprise! The Diablo 4 beta ended up being very, very popular. The action RPG opened its gates to players who had pre-ordered last-last weekend, and the open beta was available to everyone the weekend after. Blizzard has gone ahead and released a bunch of beta-based stats, and we're looking at some pretty crazy numbers here. For...

  • News Diablo 4 Changes Based on Beta Feedback Will Be Announced Soon

    Well ahead of June's launch

    The recent Diablo 4 beta will have given developer Blizzard a lot to think about. During the testing period — which covered the last two weekends — players were encouraged to share any and all feedback with the team. Given that the beta was rather robust in terms of content, it's fair to assume that Blizzard will be...

Tuesday21st Mar 2023