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Tuesday13th Jun 2023

  • Poll What Review Score Would You Give Diablo 4?

    Hell yeah?

    It's been just over a week since the launch of Diablo 4 on PS5 and PS4. Blizzard's latest seems to have really struck a chord with dungeon crawling enthusiasts, immediately racking up enough interest for it to be crowned the company's fastest selling game ever. Safe to say it's been a hit! But as per usual, it's not the sales figures...

Tuesday6th Jun 2023

  • Poll Are You Playing Diablo 4?

    Hot stuff

    Continuing the insanity that is June's release schedule, Diablo 4 is out now on PS5 and PS4. The loot-heavy action RPG had been in development at Blizzard for what felt like an eternity at times, but it's finally here, and by most accounts, it's very, very good. Want proof? Well, we gave it an 'excellent' 9/10 in our Diablo 4 PS5 review...

Wednesday12th Apr 2023

  • Preview Diablo 4's Endgame Has So Much Potential

    Variety is the spice of life

    A couple of weeks back, we got to sit down with Diablo 4 developers as they talked us through the title's robust endgame design. The roundtable touched on just about everything that you can expect from the action RPG once you've completed the main campaign — and we must admit, we came away from the discussion fairly...

Tuesday28th Mar 2023

Monday27th Mar 2023

  • Poll Did You Enjoy the Diablo 4 Beta?

    Heaven in hell

    The open beta period for Diablo 4 has come to a close. This past weekend, all players on PS5 and PS4 were able to download the beta and get stuck in (queue times permitting), taking all five playable classes for a test drive. With the full game set to launch on the 6th June, this was a great opportunity to see how the loot-driven...