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  • News Someone Made Super Mario Maker in LittleBigPlanet 3

    Dream big

    Dreams is on the cusp of receiving its Early Access release, and yet even after its impressive beta, people still question the sheer creativity of Media Molecule’s community. Perhaps this LittleBigPlanet 3 level will put things into perspective: it’s Super Mario Maker recreated in Sackboy’s world. Yes, we said Super Mario Maker –...






  • News Death Stranding's Trailers Are Connected in the Weirdest Way

    Baby blues

    Death Stranding's two trailers are connected – though you'll need a YouTube Doubler to understand exactly how. You may remember the first clip showing Norman Reedus clutching a baby before it disappears. Well, it turns out that – when played aligned with the new trailer – it's actually Guillermo del Toro's character who's pulling...



  • News The Order: 1886's 256 Page Strategy Guide Is Pure Gold

    Push square

    We're not ones to kick a game when it's down – after all, we really like parts of Ready at Dawn's inaugural PlayStation 4 exclusive – but The Order: 1886 is probably the last title on the planet that needed a 256 page strategy guide. Still, that's exactly what Brady Games has produced, and it's already proving a hit in some hardcore...


  • News Just What the Heck Is PS4's EMAGON?


    ... And so it begins. We already expected the bulk of this week to be riddled with teaser trailers and subtle hints, but we didn't anticipate that we'd be stumped as soon as Monday evening. Scratching our collective heads we are, though, as the Spanish PlayStation Blog has uploaded a video for “PlayStation's best hidden secret". The clip,...




  • Feature Five Frightfully Bad PlayStation 3 Games

    Scarier than Silent Hill

    We could have pricked our fingertip and penned a feature about some of the greatest horror games in this space, but there are genuinely more terrifying titles on the PlayStation 3 than Dead Space, Resident Evil 5, and F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. Unfortunately for the releases included below, though, it wasn’t necessarily...







  • News Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Reveals His True Passion via Wii U

    Say it like you mean it

    Remember when Sony Worldwide Studios gaffer Shuhei Yoshida purchased a Wii U? Well, he’s been using it quite a lot. The affable executive has been playing plenty of Nintendo Land – and sharing some brutally honest messages in the game’s Miiverse plaza. A recent post from the first-party president – picked up by Kotaku...


  • News Give PlayStation Themed Gift Cards This Christmas

    Santa's sack-boy

    Christmas cards can be pretty bland. You either get chilly winter themes, or those corny designs with jokes that were funny about five decades ago. Thankfully, the fine folks over at have come up with a way of fusing video game references into their line of festive greetings cards. The A6 designs pay homage to...

  • News PixelJunk and Lumines Developers Release New Record

    Real time

    Kyoto-based developer Q-Games may be best known for its work on the PixelJunk franchise, but the studio has been quietly expanding its portfolio into rock and roll over the past couple of months. Designed as a distraction to keep morale high during hectic coding sessions, the studio has formed a trip-hop supergroup known as The Electric...

  • News Velocity Developer Teases Its Other PlayStation Mobile Game

    Sly devils

    Teaser trailers are the bane of the video game industry – but FuturLab appears to be in on the joke. The Velocity developer has released a devious video dedicated to its other PlayStation Mobile launch title. The trailer shows gaffer James Marsden frantically tapping his PlayStation Vita’s touch-screen. But what does it all mean?...



  • News Farming Simulator 2013 Puts Down Roots on PS3

    Someone cull the crops

    In perhaps the most bizarre announcement of the week, Focus Home Interactive has announced that Farming Simulator 2013 is set to plough its way onto PS3 next year. The strangely popular PC series has already proved a massive hit in Europe, where it has sold a total of 2 million copies since its inception in 2009. Keep in mind...


  • News Sony Patents Bizarre Move Controller Holder

    Reinventing the wheel

    Sony hasn't released quite as many plastic add-ons for the Move controller as some may have expected, but according to a patent found by PlayStation Lifestyle it could yet release a very versatile-looking plastic shell. The patent shows a plastic housing into which the Move controller would slot, but with handles and face...


  • News Itagaki: "Aerosmith and Armageddon Saved My Life"

    You couldn't make it up

    Former Team Ninja supremo Tomonobu Itagaki has revealed how he came close to leaving the games industry after Tecmo executives released an unfinished version of Dead or Alive 2 on PlayStation 2. Speaking at this year's DICE summit, Itagaki recalled being approached by Tecmo's general sales manager during the PS2 port's strict...


  • News CheapyD Struts Into Saints Row: The Third For Free

    Just when you thought Saints Row: The Third couldn't get any weirder, publisher THQ has announced that CheapAssGamer

    com</a> proprietor, CheapyD, is set to join the cast of the bananas open-world game. As explained by the man himself, PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to grab the "character" for free from the PlayStation Store next week. Bafflingly, CheapyD recorded "hundreds..


  • News How Much More Ridiculous Can Game Trailers Get?

    We have a new champion

    It's crowded on retail shelves at this time of year. If you want to make your pet project stand out, you need to offer something new, but a fresh gameplay experience is only half the battle: marketing counts for plenty in convincing gamers and gifters to pick up your product. We can't decide if Winter Stars has that all...


  • News Cabela's Adventure Camp Is Fun for the Whole Family

    Better than Space Camp?

    When the name Cabela's comes to mind, what's the first thought that crosses you mind? For us it sparks thoughts things like: Big Game Hunting, Dangerous Hunts, arctic survival and even merchandise stores packed to the brim with hunting and fishing apparel too. But, a sports compilations mix that features PlaySta

  • News I Am Alive Curiously Rated By The ESRB

    What the heck is going on with I Am Alive? The game's been mysteriously absent from any of Ubisoft's release schedules for years now, and yet its popped up on the ESRB's website this afternoon with a rating of "Mature"

    That means the game's presumably finished and ready to be released somewhere. And it's not the first time it's been rated either — an Australian board outed the title earlier in..

  • News What The Heck: Crytek Confirmed As Developer Of Homefront 2

    Well this one's a turn up for the books

    You could probably call this a megaton if you wanted. THQ has just announced that the next entry in its Homefront series will be handled by Crysis developer Crytek. What the heck, indeed. Naturally the game will run on Crytek's CryEngine technology. The game's currently scheduled to release in THQ's fiscal year ending March 31st, 2014. We'd assume — given..

  • News Sony, With These Move Lifestyle Photos You Are Spoiling Us

    Everybody smile!

    In the past year we've had a lot of fun with PlayStation Move and you probably have too, but we bet you've never enjoyed yourself as much as the people in these new lifestyle photos from Sony. The shots feature all your typical Move situations: Mum working out, boys and girls singing and dancing together, but strangely no sign of...

  • News Trophy Hunting Extraordinaire Reaches PSN Trophy Level 50

    We thought we were doing well with our Level 21 PlayStation Network account

    Since 2008 we've accrued over 4,400 trophies, but that's nothing compared to trophy hunting extraordinaire Hakoom's eye-watering 13,605 trophy tally. Hakoom has scored more than 250 Platinum trophies in his pursuit for Trophy Level 50, which we have to imagine has become a...



  • News PlayStation Move + Tiny Monkeys + Stripping = Dancing Eyes

    You read that right

    Dancing Eyes is without a doubt the most bizarre PlayStation Move game we've ever seen, with the most bizarre trailer to accompany it too. A conversion of a 90s arcade game, you play a tiny monkey who has to strip females down to their underwear. We're really not sure why. The game is coming to PSN in Japan, but we'd be...


  • News Wow, PlayStation Move has Inspired a 32-bit Knock-Off

    Motion on the Move

    Remember when Wii came out and discount stores were flooded with cheap plastic imitations? History has a knack of repeating itself, and while we thought this horrible PlayStation Move imitator was bad enough, here's another one to impress you. Manufactured by the brilliantly named Ever Sparkle Technologies, the Motion on the Move...

  • News PlayStation Move Bowling Ball Looks as Good as It Sounds

    CTA Digital strikes out

    The Wii is notorious for hosting some of the most ludicrous accessories known to man — BigBen's Cyberbike is one of our favourites — but PlayStation Move isn't exempt from the plastic add-on craze. CTA Digital, the company behind the PS3 transforming sniper rifle and Move sub machine gun, is set to release





  • News Start the Party's Japanese Box Art is Truly Amazing

    Check out the other updates

    Whilst we Western PlayStation owners sometimes get a raw deal when box art makes the trip from Japan – just ask anyone who picked up an American Ico – it's not always a one-day street, as evidenced by this amazing Start the Party! box art from the Far East. The remainder of Move software fares significantly better,...


  • News Hope You Look This Good Playing John Daly's ProStroke Golf

    The Lion shows us how to Move

    Just yesterday we brought you news of John Daly's ProStroke Golf's release date, and now we have these killer photos of the Lion himself getting to grips with his own game. Daly also had time to pass comment on the upcoming Ryder Cup whilst pretending to make a few shots, though he stopped short of suggesting the...

  • News Sony Norway the New "Oddest Move Advert" Frontrunners

    An increasingly packed field

    A pretend Vice President pretending to move in with a pretend family to convince you how realistic Move can be? Boring. Two anonymous beings dressed as giant Move controllers? Now that's advertising. Sony Norway's acquitted itself admirably in putting together this off-the-wall advert, showing how two strangers showing...



  • News What The Heck Is This Sony Teaser Video All About?

    Firstly, if working at SCEJ is actually like this - we want a job now

    Secondly, no-one actually knows what this teaser video is about, nor do they know its true origins. It's perfectly possible this could be fan-made, but Kotaku speculate that it's a Sony teaser for upcoming 3D support in the PS3. We'll just put it out there that the last image on the screen says "PS4". Just saying, like..