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  • Rumour Red Dead Redemption 2 Rides Onto PS4 in July


    Amazon Mexico has added a release date to its product page for Rockstar's upcoming Old West adventure, Red Dead Redemption 2. The site claims the game will be released on 12th July 2018, which pushes it outside of its official launch window of "Spring 2018". Other Amazon sites don't feature this new date, so whether this is simply a shot...










  • News Evidence Continues to Pile Up For a New Mafia Game on PS4

    We'll make you an offer

    There must be a few mobsters over at Take Two with plenty of secrets in the trunk of their car right now, because the evidence of a new Mafia game continues to pile up. Back in May, the publisher confirmed that it's got a AAA-title in the works, and before that, voice actor Rick Pasqualone - who played the main character in...

  • News Take-Two Isn't Interested in Yearly Releases, Says CEO

    Strauss Zelnick strikes again

    Strauss Zelnick is back. Yes, the mythical CEO of Take-Two Interactive is starring in yet another Push Square article. We've been through our fair share of ups and downs over the past few weeks: from the executive denying that Grand Theft Auto V was ever supposed to get story mode DLC to his saying that the

  • News Take-Two Boss Says PS4 Hasn't Hit Its Full Potential

    Greatness awaits

    Things are only going to get better for the PlayStation 4 – or at least that's what Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick had to say at the 43rd Annual Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference in New York this past week. "We have yet to see entirely what the technology can allow," the executive said, talking about Sony's new gaming...



  • News Take-Two Won't Say No to a Grand Theft Auto HD Collection

    Who would?

    During a recent investor call, publisher Take-Two's CEO declared that he "wouldn't rule anything out", regarding a possible HD collection of Grand Theft Auto titles. "Our labels are driven by the desire to delight consumers and pursue their creative passions, and that's been a formula that's worked extraordinarily well for this company,"...



  • News Take-Two Wrestles WWE License from Defunct THQ

    Pinned down

    Take-Two is half a tap away from taking control of the WWE license. A report published shortly after the untimely demise of former holder THQ had pegged the publisher as the new ringleader for the bizarrely popular franchise, but the firm's now issued an official statement confirming the news. "At this time, the agreement is pending...


  • Rumour Take Two Wrestles the WWE License from THQ

    Blood, sweat, and tiny pants

    While the majority of THQ’s franchises found new homes yesterday, there’s still been no official word on the future of the WWE license. Early rumours suggested that EA had picked up the lucrative contract, but that’s been countered by an IGN report which claims that Take Two made a last minute bid for the series...


  • News Borderlands 2 Has Shipped 5 Million Copies Worldwide

    XCOM a success, too

    Excellent (but irritating) first-person shooter Borderlands 2 has shipped 5 million units worldwide, overlord Take-Two Interactive has announced. Speaking at its quarterly financial briefing, the company added that XCOM: Enemy Unknown has also proved to be a “critical and commercial success”. "Take-Two's second quarter...


  • News 2K's XCOM Shooter Delayed Another Year


    XCOM: Enemy Unknown might be happily flaunting its release date like there’s no tomorrow, but times are a bit tougher for 2K Marin’s first-person XCOM reboot. Originally announced in 2010 – and delayed ever since – the controversial shooter is now due out between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2014, according to publishing overlord...


  • News Take-Two: "THQ Won't Be Around in Six Months"

    Laying it bare

    Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick doesn’t foresee much longevity for troubled publisher THQ – the gaffer told an audience at the MIT Business in Gaming Conference that he believes the firm will be fully shuttered in six months time. Zelnick expanded that he believes the publisher’s biggest mistake was working with licensed...


  • News Take-Two Trademarks GTA TV

    Don't tell the Daily Mail

    With the exception of Call of Duty, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto is about the only franchise in the world big enough to command its own television channel. And even then we’re pretty sure it would fill out its programming schedule with Teleshopping ads promoting the Jack LaLanne power juicer. But what’s this got to do...

  • News L.A. Noire Sells Almost Five Million Copies

    No lie

    L.A. Noire might not have been the most even of releases – the open-world crime drama overstayed its welcome by several hours – but it’s still deserving of its success. For all of the game’s faults, it should be recognised for its sheer innovation. Everything from the facial technology through to the very deliberate pacing resulted in...



  • News More Than 40 Staffers Dropped From 2K Czech

    Two studios under the 2K Czech banner have been hit by a redundancy initiative, according to information obtained by Develop Online

    According to the website more than 40 of the developer's staff has been cut from its studio at Brno, with "less than ten" cut from its Prague studio too. Before the redundancies, 2K Czech had a work force of around 200 people. “This will result in the..



  • News Take-Two Keeps Hold Of Houser Brothers, Rockstar Games

    In its latest financial report, Take-Two has announced that it has renewed employment agreements with "key members of the creative team of Rockstar Games"

    Bosses Sam and Dan Houser have renewed their contracts, alongside Leslie Benzies on what the company notes as "substantially similar economic terms". Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick described Rockstar as "the best creative talent in..



  • News Those Embarrassed by Wii Will Flock to Move, Reckons Take-Two CEO

    Users "graduating" to HD devices

    The Wii has brought a huge number of people into gaming, from undergraduates to granddads, but many see the PlayStation Move as the next logical step: more precise and with greater graphical power behind it, it's more an evolution than a revolution. Take-Two's CEO Ben Feder spoke at a conference recently about how...

  • News Surprise! LA Noire Is Officially Delayed... AGAIN!

    Let's be honest, LA Noire is never going to come out is it? To point out just how long Team Bondi's detective game has been in development, let's just look at the origins of the product

    In 2004, Sony were funding the project as a PlayStation exclusive. In 2007, Rockstar re-confirmed the game's release for PlayStation 3 in the fall of the following year. Sometime after that, the game was announced..



  • News Irrational Teases New Project With "WhatIsIcarus.com"


    com</a> may be a smokey charade of nothingness, but its launch suggests one important thing: Irrational Games are about to announce their new project. We hinted as much last week when Irrational announced a special press event scheduled for early August. Despite there being nothing on the page at the moment, we're assume things will be gradually revealed over the coming weeks..

  • Rumour L.A. Noire Pushed Back Again?

    Will L

    A. Noire</a> ever release? The latest issue of XBOX 360-World magazine suggests it's still some time away - they're hinting at a Spring 2011 release for the innovative detective title. To be fair, Take Two revealed the date as the fourth-quarter of their fiscal 2010, which ends in March, 2011. Technically Spring starts around there so we could still be on. Still, if you were hoping to..