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  • Feature Best PlayStation Music of June 2019

    The rut deepens

    While June 2019 may have the fewest entries in a given month since we started doing this series, the silver lining is that the two entries in question are really good. One is one of the best scores from one of our favourite composers in the industry and the other is something wholly different: a great score from a game this author...


  • Feature Best PlayStation Music of May 2019

    Mid-year rut?

    The dawn of a new month brings with it a new assortment of great game music, and May of 2019 continues the trend of seeing a smattering of really great soundtracks. Just because the music in a game such as Bubsy: Paws on Fire was able to approximate insanity, that doesn’t mean the entire month was a dead zone. Quite the contrary in...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of April 2019

    Rollin' on

    Last month’s slate of PlayStation soundtracks was filled with some pretty notable titles, like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Devil May Cry 5, but also some really good smaller soundtracks, like the curious Beat Cop. The offering of quality music from April isn’t quite as varied, but that’s not to say there was no good music. You...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of March 2019

    March on, march on, march on

    Another month gone brings with it a number of new releases, including some fairly highly anticipated titles, including one from a certain Japanese dev. And as usual, many of these titles brought some really great music along for the ride, so let’s dive into what those standouts are. Beat Cop: Pixel Crow’s curious...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of February 2019

    The hot steak continues

    After a hot start to year for gaming, both from a music and release standpoint, is there any hope that February can continue the trend? The answer is more or less a “yes” as it just happens. While there may have been fewer soundtrack releases of note, the ones that did come out are particularly special. So let’s hop in!...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of January 2019

    Musical resolutions

    It’s the top of the New Year, and you know what the means! That’s right, it’s time for the first musical recap of the year. And boy was January ever a strong month. The first month has been turning itself into quite the juggernaut these past few years, and 2019 is no exception. There were some pretty monumental releases,...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of November 2018

    Heavy hitters

    For the final monthly music highlight before we discuss the best soundtracks of the year, we have one more month to work through, and boy what a month it was. This might have been the single strongest month of the year from a musical standpoint, and at least a couple of these are going to be appearing on the Top 10 list that’ll make...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of October 2018

    The piano knows something I don’t know

    The big guns came out swinging this month, as the most noteworthy games for October include multiple blockbusters, including (obviously) one of the most anticipated games in arguably the history of the medium. And these titles of course brought with them some absolutely incredible music. So without further...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of September 2018

    Music, muzak, music

    August was absolutely packed to the brim with good PlayStation music to treat your ears to, so it’s not terribly surprising that there are fewer highlights for September. Fewer highlights however doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about, as the stand-outs from this past month are some pretty special releases. Destiny...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of August 2018

    When it rains it pours

    While the music in July had us digging pretty deep to actually find more than one thing to talk about, August provided us with nothing short of an absolute flood. A huge amount of exceptional music accompanied some great - and not so great - games this past month, and we’re going to tell you about them. Dead Cells: First...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of July 2018

    Down and Dirge-y

    June was a rather crowded month when it came to noteworthy soundtracks, which sees July come off as comparatively sparse. A bit of a low-key month before all the big guns come out swinging with their amazing soundtracks. Despite this, we were able to scrounge a couple worthwhile scores anyways, so let’s hop in. Shining...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of June 2018

    Hit the high note

    There was a lot to love with May’s slate of game music, including a couple games we may well be discussing when the end of the year rolls around (Detroit!), but June was no slouch either. Another solid month of games brought with it a solid lineup of music! Unravel Two: When Unravel released in 2016, it ended up being a...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of May 2018

    Play it again, Sam(my)

    April provided a rock solid month of music, so it's to be expectd that May would bring thigs back down to Earth a little bit. But instead game music in May was more just a continuation of the quality we've come to expect lately. The month actually had some incredible scores to pick from, including a pretty big Sony exclusive...


  • Feature Best PS4 Music of April 2018

    God of music

    Coming off March’s comparatively weak offerings for game music, April starts kicking things into overdrive. The charge is lead by a certain God that everyone can’t get off of their minds, as well as a smattering of other interesting titles. Let’s dive in! Owlboy: D-Pad studio’s long-incubating, gorgeous adventure title...


  • Guide Best PS4 Music of March 2018

    Pluck the string

    The stars turn and a time presents itself. And with that comes more game music. March was a month bursting to the brim with titles from a variety of genres, from JRPGs to AAA first-person shooters to more unique titles like mandatory co-op experiences. There was a little for everyone in March. Among these titles were some really...

  • Guide Best PS4 Music of January & February 2018

    New year, new me, new music

    Now that the first two months of the year have passed, it’s time to start off the new round of music highlights. Officially, I waited until February had concluded so there’d be more notable game music to talk about. Unofficially, I completely forgot to do this last month. There were really only two soundtracks to talk...


  • Guide Best PS4 Music of November 2017

    Calm before the storm

    The November issue of Push Play marks the last release before we close out the year by talking about the best scores of the year. It was also a bit of an underwhelming month. The most notable soundtracks were scores to games that have been around for a number of years and just saw re-releases like Skyrim VR, Star Ocean: The...


  • Guide Best PS4 Music of October 2017

    Push it to the limit

    As we start getting into the holiday season, the releases of big name games are ratcheting up as they do every year, which also means some major soundtracks are going to accompany these games. October offered a lot of quality music, most of it courtesy of the big budget stuff, but on any given month, if you dig deep enough, you...


  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops – Issue 6

    Rock 'n' roll

    Coming off such an extraordinary month for game music in August means September was a little underwhelming by comparison, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing worth paying attention to. Some big names released this past month, and brought some significant music with them. And some lesser known titles brought great music into the...


  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 5

    Swingin’ through the stars

    Another month of game releases brings with it another month’s worth of game soundtracks, and running through the releases of August provides a particularly strong lineup. So many intriguing indie titles released this month, including at least one title that could be in the conversation for one of the best game...


  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 4

    Surfin’ on a sound wave

    This year’s slate of releases has been a dream. But alongside many of these phenomenal games have been equally phenomenal soundtracks. And to be frank, we’re starting to get scared about that “soundtracks of the year” list come December. Between Persona 5 a few months back, Pyre this month, and Undertale next month,...

  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 3

    Hitting the right notes

    Issue 3 of our frequent music feature comes alongside an abnormally strong June slate of releases. Between some massive games, and some long dormant familiar faces poking their heads out for us to fall in love with all over again, June had a lot to love. These games also brought with them some great soundtracks, and these are...


  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 2


    While the first episode of the new Push Play series focused on interesting soundtracks released in April, the follow-up issue is going to deal with releases from May. A wide range of styles of game was on offer this month, and with it came some incredibly varied soundtracks as well, including a surprising goldmine of VR music. GNOG:...

  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 1

    Dropping the beat

    Push Play is a new monthly series that will take a look at some of the interesting video game music releases recently. We hope to dig deep and find some interesting things you might not otherwise hear. It is by no means a comprehensive collation of every soundtrack, but rather a hand-picked group of what we think are the most...