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  • Rumour New Playstation 3 SKU To Drop Another 200g In Weight

    Japanese retailers are claiming that an updated SKU of the Playstation 3 hardware will drop an extra 200g from its total weight

    No details have been given on what's changed to get the system lighter, but AndriaSang report the change has something to do with a new PS3 model number CECH-2000A to CECH-2100A. This corroborates stories earlier in the month which saw Sony file two new SKUs to the FCC..


  • News Sony Files New PS3 SKUs To The FCC

    Sony's filed two new PS3 SKUs to the FCC, hinting perhaps at a fresher version of the PS3 Slim

    The filing - listed under Sony's secret alias The Sand Dollar Enterprise - reveals two new hardware SKUs listed as CECH-2101A and CECH-2101B. As Engadget point out, the the alphabetical difference points towards the different hard-drive sizes. Apparently the SKUs are identical to current hardware,..







  • Rumour Playstation 3 Slim To Launch With Madden In The August

    It's certainly a rumour that could shift consoles for Sony

    The Madden games are a big deal in the US and August is just close enough to the end of the summer and the start of the Holiday season to make a Playstation 3 Slim bundle a massive marketing attack from Sony. According to the 1-Up Podcast it could happen. David Ellis suggested on the 1-Up podcast that the PS3 Slim “is gonna be in August..