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    Steal yourself

    Persona 5 is a difficult game to review – not because of its quality or lack thereof, but because it's such an intricate release. It's a role-playing title made up of many different parts, and explaining each and every one of them in detail would take way too long. With that in mind, we'll try to be brief: Persona 5 is a Japanese...

  • Hands On Persona 5 Has Absolutely Stolen Our Hearts on PS4

    Let us start the game

    There's no point in beating around the bush: from what we've played so far, Persona 5 is utterly brilliant. We're around 20 hours in, and although we still have potentially triple that amount of playtime to go, we can't deny that we're absolutely enraptured with Atlus' latest. Even as we're sitting here right now, writing this...


  • News Persona 5's Soundtrack Is as Brilliant as You'd Expect

    Get up, get out there

    The Persona series has some of the best, most memorable music in gaming - and we're not sure many people would argue with us on that one. Typically melding catchy beats with various singing styles, veteran composer Shoji Meguro always delivers the goods, and unsurprisingly, his work on Persona 5 doesn't seem to disappoint...




  • News Persona 5 Lead Has An "Introverted Personality"

    Persona 5 may not have been formally announced yet - we assume it'll be at TGS or E3 - but that's not stopped the project's director Katsura Hasino from dropping a few tidbits on the game's main character, claiming he'll have an "introverted personality"

    The director also told Dengeki Playstation magazine that Persona 3's Aegis will join P5's cast as one of the main character's best friends. Given..


  • News Prepare To Be Excited: Atlus Are Starting Work On Persona 5

    We know there's a very strong, niche audience out there for Atlus' Persona franchise

    Much of that has been strengthened by GiantBomb's endurance run of the fourth entry in the series. Well - prepare to get excited because Katsura Hashino, the director of the previous two Persona games, has told Japanese magazine Dengeki Playstation that, "We are preparing to start work on the next..


  • News Atlus Are Hunting Our Playstation 3 Programmers

    So Persona fans, you probably think it's about time you rejoiced in a Persona 5 announcement

    Well, we bring not news of the games announcement, but details that Atlus are currently hiring Playstation 3 (and XBOX 360) programmers. With so many rumours flying around about Persona 5, you have to imagine the game exists in some form somewhere. Chances are it'll be on Playstation 3, especially if..

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