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  • Soapbox Why God of War Will Scratch Your Zelda Itch

    A link to the past

    Of all the games I expected God of War to remind me of, The Legend of Zelda was probably right at the very bottom of my list. I mean, how could the hallmarks of Nintendo’s flagship adventure franchise possibly be present in Kratos’ latest? This is a game about a paternal relationship, like The Last of Us. It has a cinematic...


  • News Sony: We Can't Ignore the Nintendo Switch

    Manufacturer remaining on its toes

    It’s going to take a little more time before we’re able to determine just how big the Nintendo Switch is going to be, but one thing’s for sure: it’s no Wii U. The hybrid will likely end up lapping the Big N’s last effort several times over, and that’s got the PlayStation division on its toes. Speaking...




  • News Nintendo Switch Not Affecting PS4's Sales, Says Sony

    Both devices doing well

    The Nintendo Switch has got off to a much stronger start than its predecessor the Wii U, but its early success isn’t cannibalising the PlayStation 4’s sales, according to SIE group president Andrew House. There’s been a good tussle between the two systems recently in the monthly NPD report, but it seems that regardless...



  • Soapbox Sony Should Pinch the Nintendo Direct Format

    Sammy reckons there's mileage in Nintendo's marketing

    I did something I rarely do this week: I watched a Nintendo Direct. To be honest, I have a weird relationship with the Big N's pre-recorded events: I've watched the E3 ones before and I've always felt that, for everything they gain in pacing and structure, they lack the kind of energy that you...


  • News PlayStation's Still Patting Nintendo on the Back

    Corporate congrats

    Sony congratulated Nintendo on the success of Zelda's reviews yesterday, and it's returned to acknowledge the release of the Switch today. Writing on its official Twitter account to over 13 million followers, it shared the following message: "Today's a big day for Nintendo! Congratulations on launch, we can't wa

  • Poll Will Your PS4 Gather Dust Now the Nintendo Switch Is Out?

    Will you be switching things up?

    You may not have noticed, but the Nintendo Switch is dominating gaming headlines right now, to the point where non-Ninty news is especially hard to come by. Seeing as it's Friday, though, we thought that we'd crack out another community poll - this time to try and get a handle on what the PlayStation faithful think...

  • News PlayStation Congratulates Nintendo on Zelda Success

    Claims it's an "amazing time for gaming"

    In the latest edition of advertising disguised as a pat on the back, PlayStation UK has publicly congratulated Nintendo on the success of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game, which has frankly set a Metacritic benchmark which will never be beaten in this editor's opinion, received a raft of...








  • News PSN's Raking in More Cash Than the Entirety of Nintendo

    It's true

    Remember the days when Sony perpetually felt like one flop away from financial catastrophe? This author does – after all, Push Square was founded during some dark times for the Japanese manufacturer. The company's doing much, much better under the leadership of Kaz Hirai, however, and PlayStation especially is in a positive place. One...



  • News Nintendo's NX Probably Won't Be Compatible with the PS4

    Despite what you may have heard

    Embrace the nonsense because alongside that dumb-as-a-Jim-Carrey-and-Jeff-Daniels-double-act survey that's leaked, the silly circus has well and truly erected a tent on top of the as of yet unannounced Nintendo NX. Reports around the web earlier this morning suggested that the House of Mario's new piece of mysterious...


  • News PlayStation Wishes the NES a Happy 30th Anniversary

    Now you're playing with power

    It's the tenth anniversary of PlayStation 2 classic Shadow of the Colossus' launch today – but it's the Nintendo Entertainment System's big 30th birthday as well. Acknowledging the event, Sony posted a brief message on Twitter to celebrate the North American release of the House of Mario's iconic grey slab. "Dear...


  • News PlayStation Pays Its Respects to Nintendo's Satoru Iwata

    Rest in peace

    There are days for debate and discussion – and then there are days for respect and reflection. Nintendo confirmed the premature passing of CEO Satoru Iwata overnight, and while he spent his entire career at the House of Mario, his incredible influence can be felt across the entire industry at large. As a consequence, many of...

  • News Take a Closer Look at the Nintendo PlayStation

    True treasure

    You've all seen – and angrily commented on – our story about the Nintendo PlayStation, but how would you like to take a closer look at the cancelled console? The prototype platform's owner, Dan Diebold, has uploaded a video on YouTube showing off the disc-based device, which was conceived as part of a poisoned partnership between...

  • News Oh Look, It's a Nintendo PlayStation Console

    You what

    Fridays are usually pretty quiet when it comes to games journalism, probably because everyone just wants to start the weekend early and, actually, you know, play some video games for once. Apparently, though, a poster over on ASSEMbler didn't get the memo, as they've revealed the existence of an actual Nintendo PlayStation console that they...



  • News Sony's Been Trying to Make a Super Smash Bros Movie

    Smashin' stuff

    We already know that Sony's been trying to make a Super Mario movie, but what we didn't previously know is that it wants to make a Super Smash Bros flick, too. Uncovered by Ars Technica as part of the Japanese giant's now infamous emails hack, there are multiple references to Nintendo's mascot mash-up, with the firm apparentl



  • Talking Point Would You Buy PlayStation-Themed Amiibo?

    Figure fight

    It's something that obsessive console loyalists would never admit, but our favourite video game companies borrow ideas from each other all the time. If something proves to be popular and especially profitable, you can guarantee that competing firms will weigh in with their own take on the product in the relatively near future. With...


  • Rumour Mamma Mia! Sony May Be Making a Super Mario Movie


    You won’t be seeing Super Mario on your PlayStation 4 anytime soon, but according to Buzzfeed, the pudgy plumber may be plotting a return to the silver screen – and it sounds like Sony’s engineering the move. A slew of leaked details filtering out of Sony Pictures suggest that the film factory has struck a deal with the Kyoto...




  • Weirdness Nintendo's Better at Promoting the Vita Than Sony

    Well, someone needs to do a decent job

    We all drop the odd clanger from time to time – Watch Dogs footage, anyone? – but its better when a giant corporation does it. Indeed, this latest hiccup by Nintendo is especially humorous – as it’s somehow managed to post a PlayStation Vita video while attempting to promote our sister site Nintendo...









  • News Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Reveals His True Passion via Wii U

    Say it like you mean it

    Remember when Sony Worldwide Studios gaffer Shuhei Yoshida purchased a Wii U? Well, he’s been using it quite a lot. The affable executive has been playing plenty of Nintendo Land – and sharing some brutally honest messages in the game’s Miiverse plaza. A recent post from the first-party president – picked up by Kotaku...

  • News Sony Executive Shuhei Yoshida Owns a Wii U

    Testing it out

    Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida is one of the most brazen executives in the gaming industry, so it’s no surprise to see the likable suit openly admit that he’s purchased a competitor’s system on Twitter. Here's the message: While we’ve no doubt that Yoshida’s purchase was partly motivated by research, the...


  • News Nintendo: Our Competitors Need to React to What We're Doing

    Gadgets and gizmos

    Following his controversial interview with CNN earlier in the week, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has suggested that Sony will need to offer more than just upgraded visuals with the next PlayStation console. Chatting with CNET, the outspoken executive brushed aside claims that the recently released Wii U will be...







  • News Sony To Nintendo: Stop Hating On Our Glasses, Yo

    There was a mildly comical moment during Nintendo's E3 press conference when exec Reggie Fils-Aime had a good bash 3D glasses

    He was building up to the announcement of his company's 3DS, a glasses-less portable device which uses clever screen technology to create a three-dimensional effect. Sony's Worldwide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, reckons Nintendo and Sony should stop hating, and start..









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