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  • Review Just Cause 4 - Explosive in the Wrong Ways

    Just bores

    There's moments playing Just Cause 4 when you'll almost certainly find yourself grinning from ear to ear in much the same way that you might watching a ridiculous '80s action movie. It doesn't matter that the characters are personified clichés, or that the plot's limper than the lettuce in a Big Mac, because you just strapped four...



  • News Just Cause 4 Has Gone Gold Ahead of December Launch on PS4

    Ready for Rico

    Prepare yourselves for some heavy weather, as Just Cause 4 has officially gone gold on PS4. Avalanche Studios has completed work on Rico's latest explosive adventure, and it's ready in plenty of time for launch on 4th December. The game's looking fairly promising; Solís looks like a beautiful open world to explore and blow up, and...