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  • News Disaster Report 4 Was... Well, A Disaster

    Disaster Report 4 was cancelled hastily after Japan's earthquake earlier in the year

    It didn't take a genius to summarise that the game — about natural disasters — wasn't really appropriate. But it seems that there was more amiss behind the scenes. Kazuma Kujo, who created the Disaster Report series, has been Tweeting about the ill-fated game. Unlike the other games in the series — which took..



  • Rumour Irem Ceases Production Of Old Disaster Report Titles

    Not content with outright cancelling the latest Disaster Report title months before its release, it looks like Irem's putting a stop to the franchise full-stop

    Japanese retailer Famicom Plaza reports that Irem has put a stop to the productions of all Disaster Report games after this month's events in Japan. Joystiq notes that the report has caused prices of

  • News Irem Outright Cancels The Release Of Disaster Report 4

    Irem has gone one step further than delaying the Japanese release of Disaster Report 4, outright cancelling the PlayStation 3 game

    In a brief statement issued by the company, Irem said that it was cancelling the title and apologized to fans anticipating the release. Disaster Report 4 had been scheduled to be the first PlayStation 3 entry in Irem's disaster-themed adventure series. Previous entries..