Gamescom 2013 - News



  • Opinion Sony Must Refresh the PS4's Momentum at GamesCom

    Scrapping for the spotlight

    Ever since Jack Tretton and company dropped the microphone at E3 2013, quite a lot has changed about the impending next generation arms race. The advantages that the platform holder engineered for the PlayStation 4 –

  • News PS4 to Take Centre Stage During Sony's GamesCom Showcase

    On the red carpet

    In news one notch less predictable than water being wet, Sony has hinted that it will make the poor PlayStation 4 squint by shining a spotlight on the system during its imminent GamesCom press conference. Writing on the firm’s official Facebook page, an eager corporate scribe noted that the next generation console and its games...

  • News Sony to Hog the GamesCom Spotlight on 20th August

    Platform holder dates next big press conference

    People may be panicking about the PlayStation 4’s complicated innards right now, but we suspect that that’ll be the last topic of conversation come 20th August. As usual, the Japanese giant has confirmed that it will be holding a press conference at this year’s GamesCom, which is set to take...

  • News Evolution Studios Putting DriveClub into Gear at GamesCom

    Time to shine

    While there’s plenty of promise in DriveClub’s social features, the PlayStation 4 launch title hasn’t quite lived up to the quality of its initial unveiling just yet. The demo on offer at last month’s E3 was just 35 per cent complete, leaving the visuals looking more Smart car than high-performance sports car. Still,...

  • News Expect Plenty More PlayStation 4 Announcements at GamesCom

    Sony teases impending information

    The season of industry events and press conferences is only just getting started. Last month’s E3 was more or less the dress rehearsal for GamesCom, Tokyo Game Show, PAX, and the Eurogamer Expo – and unsurprisingly, there’s still plenty of information about the PlayStation 4 to be revealed in the run up to...