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  • News Piles Of PlayStation Move Branded Boxart Revealed

    Here's your first glimpse at the European packaging for a bunch of PlayStation Move launch titles

    The pack shots come courtesy of French site Gamekyo, who somehow managed to get hold of the job-lot. We're not too hot on the "You'll Need These" logo on the front of the boxes, but we guess it gets the job done. Perhaps the most notable point of discussion comes on the Sly Cooper Collection..

  • News PlayStation Move Hits The Japanese Wilderness

    Sony's put the PlayStation Move in front of Japanese gamers for the first time this Summer at the World Hobby Fair

    Sony were offering live demos of both Eye Pet and Machi Suberi (which we know as Slider). Sony also had the full range of Move hardware on display, including the awesome PlayStation Move zapper and charging station. Other titles such as ModNation Racers, Patapon 3, the Torne DVR, and..






  • News Sony Confirms A US Eye Pet Launch This Holiday '09

    One game that's not caught the 2009-flu is Eye Pet, as Joystiq are reporting that the game will be available this Holiday 2009

    Hurrah! Variety. Studio London's clever virtual-pet type release aims to deliver on Natal's promises a year early without the hype. According to Joystiq the game will be available as a stand alone release or bundled with the Playstation Eye camera. Seems like Sony are..

  • News Here's Your Eye Pet Boxart, Coming October 2nd

    Eye Pet will hit European stores this October 2nd Sony have announced

    The clever virtual pet title will allow players to use the Playstation Eye in a number of innovative and intriguing ways, such as drawing objects on paper before scanning them into the real world and controlling them with the Dualshock.