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    PS Vita

    Review Severed


    The main character in Severed is missing an arm; we're going to assume that it fell off following a particularly furious session with Drinkbox Studios' latest game. This colourful PlayStation Vita exclusive has grand aspirations: it's a first-person dungeon crawler with Punch Out!!-esque combat and enough crafting to momentarily capture the...

  • News Guacamelee Dev's Severed Cuts Vita to the Quick This Month


    Surprise! Severed, one of our most anticipated PlayStation Vita exclusives, will launch on 26th April, with a 10 per cent discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Talented dev Drinkbox Studios is yet to set a final price, but it expects it to be in the region of $14.99/£11.99, so it won't be breaking the bank. In other words: if...








  • Rumour Guacamelee Wrestling onto the PS4 in Spring 2014

    Drink it up

    According to a recent IGN article, PlayStation Network brawler Guacamelee will be coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime in Spring 2014. The report, which has since been removed, revealed that the re-release will feature two new worlds, improved visuals, and added particle effects. Most exciting of all, though, is the addition of a new...



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    Review Guacamelee!

    Viva la lucha

    Besides being a brilliant pun, Guacamelee! is a potent mix of platforming and brawling, wrapped-up in a cartoon-styled Mexico. The delightful Metroidvania-inspired adventure takes plenty of props from the greats that solidified the genre, but gracefully manages to maintain its own charm and personality, resulting in a digital download...

  • Interview Dipping into Guacamelee! with Drinkbox Studios

    Having a good taco 'bout the Canadian developer's latest project

    There’s less than a week to wait until Drinkbox Studios’ Mexican-themed adventure Guacamelee! spices up the PlayStation 3 and Vita with its fusion of fiery delicacies and Metroidvania-inspired action. In order to celebrate, we recently sought out our shocking pink luchador mask...



  • News Guacamelee! Does Its Very Best Wii U Impression

    Dual screen

    Nintendo won’t be the only platform holder rejoicing in second screen technology this Christmas. Indie developer DrinkBox Studios has confirmed that it will be taking full advantage of PlayStation 3 and Vita connectivity for its upcoming Metroidvania adventure, Guacamelee!. "We're integrating the Vita as a PS3 controller for...


  • News Guacamelee! Brawls onto PS3 and Vita

    Ripe for release

    DrinkBox Studios’ latest indie darling Guacamelee! is heading exclusively to PlayStation 3 and Vita, courtesy of Sony’s growing Pub Fund program. For those unclear, Pub Fund is part of Sony’s initiative to bring innovative indie content to the PlayStation platform. In exchange for funding the product, Sony requests a short...