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  • News How Concrete Genie Uses Creativity to Conquer Bullying

    Another brick in the wall

    Concrete Genie is shaping up to be yet another special PlayStation 4 exclusive, and Sony has released a new video explaining how the PixelOpus developed product hopes to battle bullying. The game essentially sees you assume the role of Ash, who likes to create street art. However, he’s constantly being harassed by thugs,...



  • PSX 2017 Concrete Genie Seriously Looks Special

    PixelOpus brings painting to life

    God bless, PlayStation! Seriously, where else can you find such wild creative variety as Death Stranding, Dreams, and Concrete Genie? The latter, announced at Paris Games Week earlier in the year, has been flying under the radar a little bit – but boy does it look special! The title was on display as part of a PSX...