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    Review V-Rally 4

    Va va voom

    The fact that it’s been sixteen long years since the last V-Rally is enough to make some of us at Push Square feel positively ancient. Eden Games’ 1997 original was always seen as a friendlier rival to Codemasters’ excellent off-road sim Colin McRae Rally. It only makes sense in 2018 that, upon its return, it should be considered...

  • News V-Rally 4 Gets Fast and Furious in Latest Trailer

    Out now in Europe

    If you're after a new rally racing game in your life, V-Rally 4 is looking pretty good in its launch trailer, embedded above. It shows off the various event types you'll find in the game as it goes from traditional rally and Rallycross to Extreme-Khana and more. The staggered launch begins today for those in...

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    Review Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

    Too many cooks in the space kitchen

    For a franchise practically overflowing with phenomenal fiction, stand-out characters, and exotic races, it’s utterly bewildering that we get treated to so few gameplay experiences that truly do the Warhammer 40,000 universe any kind of justice. NeocoreGames is the most recent developer to nobly attempt to...








  • PGW 2017 Tennis World Tour Avoids Double Fault with Debut Trailer

    Game, set, and match

    Honestly, this author was pretty disgruntled when Tennis World Tour failed to materialise at Gamescom 2017 like publisher Bigben had promised. In fact, your humble host may have taken to Twitter to pester the firm for an update. Anyway, the good news is that it’s not cancelled. The bad news is that this trailer is looking...

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    Review Rugby 18

    Worth a Halfpenny

    Rugby’s had a turbulent history with video games to say the least, and with publisher Bigben Interactive’s last two attempts (Rugby 15 and Rugby World Cup 2015) getting utterly battered by critics, the French company has taken a couple of years off and come back with Rugby 18 – developed for the first



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    Review 2Dark


    In 2Dark you play as Smith, a man with a tortured past. On a camping trip many years ago his wife was murdered and his two children kidnapped. In response to these tragic events, he dedicates his life to not only finding his own children, but also saving other kidnapped youngsters. To this end, the game will see you sneak into various areas of...


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    Review The Voice disappointed

    Admittedly, we haven't watched The Voice much – all we know is that Tom Jones used to be on it and swivelly chairs are involved. The series, which has been going strong in many different countries, has finally decided to capitalise on the fact that there's only one other karaoke game releasing every year. But does it give...


  • News WRC 6 Takes a Long, Easy Right to PS4 in October

    No maybe about it

    There are no shortage of racing games on the PlayStation 4, but there are perhaps a lack of spectacular ones. WRC 5 didn't quite hit the dizzying heights of, say, DriveClub, but developer Kylotonn Games – in collaboration with Bigben Interactive – came up with a compelling simcade handling model that deserves revisiting. And...








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    Review Motorcycle Club

    Death on two wheels

    Motorcycle Club is a racing game on two wheels with a few twists. The most notable addition is the ability to switch between three different bikes on the fly. You'll have access to a superbike, roadster, and custom all at once for each race, and tapping L1 or R1 will allow you to hop between saddles depending on the situation...




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