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  • News June 2017's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Available Now

    Get 'em while they're hot

    Want something new to play? Look no further than the PlayStation Store, where June 2017’s roster of free PlayStation Plus games are available now – in Europe at least. Those of you in North America will have to wait until the PlayStation Store updates in your region, but it shouldn’t be too far behind. The lineup...

  • News Sony Believes PlayStation Vita Is Still a Viable System

    But not in the West

    Despite being the successor to a platform that moved over 80 million units, the PlayStation Vita has been a commercial flop. While the handheld is fantastic to use, it never quite got the support needed to make it succeed in a changing world where smartphones rule pockets around the world. And as part of an interview with The...

  • UK Sales Charts Tekken 7 Lands Series' First Number One in 20 Years

    83 per cent of copies sold on PS4

    Tekken 7 has become the first entry in Bandai Namco’s iconic brawler brand to top the UK sales charts in almost two decades. The previous entry to achieve such a feat was Tekken 3 all the way back in 1998, which is frankly incredible. A whopping 83 per cent of retail copies were sold on the PlayStation 4 – one...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 171

    Almost forgot to ask

    Guess who forgot about WAYP this week? In your humble host’s defence, the Bank Holiday has messed up our perception of time – and, like, E3 2017 is approaching so… Anyhoo, we have an amazing team of scribes here who dropped everything at a moment’s notice to shoot their itinerary over. That or they just so happened to be...

  • Game of the Month Top 4 PlayStation Games of May 2017

    Whimsy, Batman, shadow things, and exploding eyeballs

    Yikes, it's the summer of 2017 already. The year seems to be flying by, but at least we've had more than our fair share of gaming goodness so far - and May wasn't found lacking for quality titles, either. As always, we got our team of writers together in order to vote for the best game of last...

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    PS Vita

    Review The Caligula Effect

    μ got a friend in me

    When a game features a story written by Persona veteran Tadashi Satomi it’s difficult not to get a bit hyped for it. The Caligula Effect is an ambitious sounding action role-playing game set in a high school with over 500 non-playable characters to befriend and a very unique battle system. Sadly, if you were hoping for a game...


  • News June 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Announced

    A nice bit of variety

    Sony has revealed your PlayStation Plus titles for June 2017, and as it turns out, the recent leak was correct. Indeed, PlayStation 4's looking at a strong offering with Life Is Strange and Killing Floor 2 leading the way. That's not bad at all, is it? Both are quite highly rated, and they each present something completely...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Ys VIII Dashes Straight to Number 1 as PS4 Stays Quiet

    Guilty Gear also rocks into top 5

    We'd still classify this as a pretty boring instalment of the Japanese sales charts, but at least we've got a few things to write about this time around. First off, the latest Ys game, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, shot straight to the top of the software charts, selling a kind-of-okay-but-actually-pretty-low 27,741...

  • Store Update 30th May 2017 (Europe)

    Tekken the mick

    We’re almost in June, and the first of a trifecta of PSone franchises is scheduled to release in a matter of days. Tekken 7 is due out this Friday, but if you can’t wait that long, then there’s Danger Zone, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and the final episode in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier to look forward to. What are you...

  • UK Sales Charts Injustice 2 Slaps Down Overwatch

    NetherRealm's brawler on top

    Injustice 2 juggled its way to a second flawless victory this week, beating away strong competition from a resurgent Overwatch – itself enjoying its first anniversary event. Grand Theft Auto V looted third position, while FIFA 17 and PREY made up the remainder of the top five. Dishonored 2 re-entered the charts in...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 170

    Warm up

    The sun’s been shining for two or three days here in the UK, which means after much yearning for summer, the British people have turned to an age old complaint: “It’s too hot!” And, frankly, it is – so we’ll be hunkering down in our man cave and playing some games. Here’s what’s on the agenda. Sammy Barker, Editor: I’ve...

  • News A New PlayStation Vita? The Ridiculously Stupid E3 Rumours Have Begun

    God help us

    Dear oh dear, where to even begin? There are currently rumours floating around the 'net that suggest Sony is planning on unveiling a brand new portable console at E3 next month. Supposedly, this new device will go toe to toe with the Nintendo Switch, because yes, that's a totally logical market for Sony to pursue. Now, these kinds of...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Steady as Sales Slow Down

    Calm before the Dragon Quest?

    The post-Golden Week slump in Japan is still very real, with little to shout about in this week’s Media Create report. PREY was the “hottest” new release of the week, selling 7,105 units on the PlayStation 4. Danganronpa 1/2 Reload also charted for Sony’s new-gen system, shifting 3,880 units. You’ve got to...

  • Store Update 23rd May 2017 (Europe)

    Time for RiME

    It’s yet another pleasant week on the European PlayStation Store this time. Big name brands may be out, but there’s plenty to look forward to, such as long awaited cel-shaded adventure RiME and psychological horror Get Even. There’s also a new game for the Vita called Plantera, which seems to be parodying the metal band of a...

  • News Kickstarter Star Bloodstained Is Apparently Only 20 to 30 Per Cent Complete

    Bloody hell

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was a smash hit over on Kickstarter when it was first revealed back in 2015. The project was funded incredibly quickly, but for how long it's been in development, we haven't seen too much of the Castlevania clone. And what we have actually seen of it hasn't looked especially polished, either. The game's...

  • UK Sales Charts PlayStation VR Exclusive Farpoint Shoots Up Second

    Injustice served in first

    Looks like Sony’s enormous marketing spend paid off, as PlayStation VR first-person shooter Farpoint has entered the UK sales charts in second position this week – an impressive achievement considering the increased cost of the PlayStation VR Aim Controller bundle and the slim install base of the headset itself. It...

  • Talking Point What Free June 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    Predictions, please

    We’re nearing the end of another month, which means that attention must turn away from the current crop of PlayStation Plus goodies and towards June 2017’s lineup. We’re not entirely sure when the roster will be announced – most likely it’s going to be 31st May – but we’re fully expecting the freebies to be...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 168

    Canary wharf

    The Premier League comes to a conclusion this weekend, but the season’s far from over, with a series of big finals to follow over the coming week or so. It does mean that our weekends are about to become even free-er, though, with no footie on the telly to distract us from clearing our backlogs. No excuses anymore. Sammy Barker,...

  • News April 2017 NPD: Persona 5 Proves JRPGs Still Have Pulling Power

    Atlus title debuts second in USA charts

    You know how these NPD sales charts work by now, right? Typically the uber-mainstream titles all move to the top, while the more core gamer franchises secure a token appearance towards the bottom. Except that hasn’t really happened this time: Persona 5 finished second in April 2017. This is an...

  • News Action RPG Fallen Legion Brings a Branching Story to PS4, Vita in July

    Hand-drawn title gets a release date

    We first wrote about Fallen Legion ages ago, but it sounds like developer YummyTummyTummy has accomplished a lot since then, as the action role-playing game now has a confirmed PlayStation 4 and Vita release date. The title boasts a branching story based on "split-second decisions" along with a bombastic...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Suffers Another Sales Dip During Post-Holiday Period


    Jeeeeez, when will it end? For weeks now we've been struggling to make articles out of the latest Japanese sales charts because... Well, there really hasn't been much to write about from a PlayStation perspective. Unfortunately, that's also the case this week; not a single new PlayStation 4 title entered the top 20. Of course, this was always...

  • Store Update 16th May 2017 (Europe)

    The Surge! Injustice 2! Farpoint!

    Corrr, it’s a big’un on the European PlayStation Store – and no, that opening salvo was not supposed to be a quote from a Carry On film. New releases this week include small, insignificant titles like… Oh, er, The Surge, Injustice 2, and Farpoint. We’re being sarcastic by the way – those are all arguably...

  • UK Sales Charts PREY Hunts Down Mario Kart in Second Week

    Bethesda's first number one since DOOM

    PREY didn’t get off to the best start in the UK sales charts, but it seems word of mouth – and the first proper batch of reviews – has perhaps helped the first-person shooter to fare better, as it’s leapfrogged Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to take the top spot this time. Grand Theft Auto V also climbed above...

  • News Wait! There's a Flash Sale on the US PlayStation Store Now

    Save big on sci-fi titles

    Wait, what? There’s a new Flash Sale on the North American PlayStation Store? Well, then. This one’s set to run until 08:00 PT on Monday, 15th May, so you’ve still got a little bit of time to take advantage of it. The theme this time is sci-fi, so highlights on the PlayStation 4 include DOOM for $19.79,...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 167

    Dark side

    We’re getting perilously close to E3 2017 now, but we’re trying not to think about that. Instead, it’s actually surprisingly busy here at Push Square Towers for May, with the release calendar showing no signs of slowing down really. Much of the team is on review duty, with several big games being worked on as we write. Sammy Barker,...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Golden Week Winds Up Weak

    Nothing to see here

    Golden Week did little to propel hardware or software sales in Japan, as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe once again ruled the roost. PlayStation 4 hardware enjoyed a small bump, but it was the Xbox One that scored the biggest increase – even if its numbers are little more than a statistical error at this point. NieR: Automata prevented...

  • News May Sale Plunges PS4 Prices on EU PlayStation Store

    Summer time

    Summer is nearing, which means that the release calendar is ever so slightly clearing. Don’t let that stop you from taking a trip to the PlayStation Store, though, as Sony has rolled out a brand new batch of savings in Europe to keep you indoors while the sun shines outside. These new May savings span a scattershot of titles, many of...

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    PS Vita

    Review Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

    Samurai lovin', had me a blast

    Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds is the latest game in the Hakuoki series, and is billed by developer Idea Factory as a “remastered telling of the beloved 2008 series”. Set in historic Japan, the game follows the protagonist as she's taken in by a group of samurai while looking for her father who has gone missing. Being an...

  • Store Update 9th May 2017 (Europe)

    Livin' la vida LocoRoco

    It’s a niche week on the European PlayStation Store, but don’t let that turn you away. LocoRoco Remastered is clearly the headline new arrival, but it’s joined by NBA Playgrounds, Resident Evil Code Veronica X, Lethal League, Polybius, Strafe, and much more – all worth checking out. Do let us know what you’re...

  • Video The History of the PlayStation Store

    A decade of digital

    A little over ten years ago, Sony cut the ribbon on a new virtual shopping plaza: the PlayStation Store. Opening for business alongside the PlayStation 3, the inaugural digital storefront was as rudimentary as these things get: it was essentially a web page with a couple of games for sale and some trailers. Who could have...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Numbers Enjoy a Nice Boost Despite Lack of New Games

    PS4 jumps above 20k once again

    Here at Push Square we like to have a bit of meat on our articles - just relaying the facts gets a little boring after a while. However, there are times when there simply isn't much that we can add to a topic - and that's definitely the case with the latest Japanese sales charts. With no new PlayStation 4 titles...

  • UK Sales Charts Mario Kart Eats PREY Alive

    Bethesda's latest falls 600 units short

    PREY hunted down Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the latest UK sales charts, but it couldn’t topple the Nintendo Switch exclusive. Word is that Bethesda’s reboot fell just 600 units short of the kart racer, though the Blue Shell flingin’ favourite was itself 71 per cent down week-over-week. While we’re not...

  • Soapbox The Persona Series and Difficulty: Is Easier Always Better?

    Charlotte Cutts on Persona 5 and its relative easiness

    WARNING: This article contains heavy spoilers for Persona 3/Persona 5 and mild spoilers for Persona 4. On finishing Persona 5 at the weekend, I felt what I always feel at the end of a gruelling 80-hour role-playing game-fest: equal parts sad and relieved. I’d played the game on...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 166

    A little PREY

    If you include all of the special editions, we’re well on our way to 200 issues of WAYP now, which is frankly incredible. In the inaugural issue published back in 2013, your humble host was playing Lumines: Electronic Symphony on the PlayStation Vita. Not a bad shout for this weekend, really. Sammy Barker, Editor: I'm on a break...

  • Podcast Episode 25 - Is Outlast 2 the Scarefest It Promises to Be?

    And Yooka-Laylee, which doesn't rhyme with much

    Another month of your life has expired and while this brings you closer to the inevitable, sweet embrace of death, you should really look on the bright side of things – it's  Push Square Podcast time! This month we settle down with our mighty editor, Mr Sammy Barker to bring you the...

  • News Sony Celebrates Golden Week with PS4 Game Sale on NA PlayStation Store

    PS3 and Vita also well represented

    Golden Week is a national holiday in Japan, so it seems only fair to acknowledge it with a bunch of discounts on the North American PlayStation Store. The platform holder's knocking up to 80 per cent off a bunch of popular Eastern titles through 09:00 PT on 9th May – and that extends to some anime in the movies...

  • Game of the Month Top 4 PlayStation Games of April 2017

    Japanese Tetris, sexy masks, cursed families, and phantom thieves

    Wow, we're really rocketing towards the summer now aren't we? A little while back it felt like 2017 had only just begun, but here we are five months in and we're buried beneath a mountain of PlayStation 4 goodness. Sony's console has smashed it out of the park so far this year, and...

  • News A Free-to-Play Version of Toukiden 2 Will Slay Some Oni Later This Month

    Back to battle

    Toukiden 2 is a great action role-playing sequel, but it's safe to say that it's been overlooked by many. The title's online community is almost non-existent, which makes its multiplayer component feel a bit pointless unless you're playing organised games with friends. Fortunately, the player count may be spiking in the near future,...

  • News You Can Download May's PlayStation Plus Games Now

    Get 'em while they're hot

    May's PlayStation Plus titles are now live on the PlayStation Store. The selection includes Tales from the Borderlands alongside Alienation in Europe and ABZU in North America. This is the first time since the launch of the PlayStation 4 that the selected games have differed between the two regions, leading us to hope and...

  • News Don't Forget to Download April's Free PlayStation Plus Games

    Drawn to Death and others will be gone tomorrow

    Holy cow it's May already, which means that a fresh batch of PlayStation Plus titles are just around the corner. As such, today is your last chance to download April's selection, which includes Drawn to Death and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime on PlayStation 4. This month, subscribers can look...


  • UK Sales Charts Little Nightmares Makes Dream Debut in Fourth

    Puyo Puyo Tetris in 18th place

    Creepy platformer Little Nightmares has managed a dream debut in the UK sales charts, entering in fourth position on the British best sellers list – despite the rundown only including retail sales. The game – which is also likely to have proved a popular pick on the PlayStation Store – did exceptionally well,...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 165

    Catch up

    Thus concludes another working week, which means that it's time to close the curtains, buckle up, and enjoy some video games. Of course, it's now customary to share your gaming itinerary with the rest of the Push Square community, so that's exactly what we want you to do in the comments section below. Sammy Barker, Editor: I'm slowly...

  • News May 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Announced

    They differ in NA and EU for the first time in years

    Well this is weird. For the first time in years, next month's PlayStation Plus selection will differ between North America and Europe. North American subscribers can look forward to ABZU and Tales from the Borderlands on PlayStation 4, while European users get Alienation instead of ABZU. Yep,...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Darks Souls III Rekindles the Fire in Top 5

    PS4 sales continue to drop, though

    Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition - which includes all the game's downloadable content - has dodge rolled its way into the Japanese software charts, shifting 33,088 copies and landing in third place. Not too shabby for a re-release, but then, there's not much else to write about this time around. Yep, it's...

  • UK Sales Charts There's No Taming Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    Ubisoft triumphs in slow week

    In a week with very few changes in the UK sales charts, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands has once again proven that hardcore gamers don't have their finger on the casual market's pulse, hugging the summit like a friendly bear. Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 17, LEGO Worlds, and Rocket League all rounded out the top five,...

  • Talking Point What Free May 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Are You After?

    Gimme the goods

    T'is that time of the month yet again where we ask you to ponder which PlayStation Plus freebies you want in May 2017. We're expecting the lineup to be revealed this coming Wednesday (26th April) ahead of a 2nd May roll out. Unfortunately the release schedule's currently looking quite barren on that day, so your guess is as good as...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 164

    Post-Easter play sessions

    We're entering the quiet build-up to E3 2017 now, where genuine news slows and teases increase. The number of big new titles also takes a tumble, although there's never any shortage of software on the PlayStation 4, is there? We suspect that the next half-dozen issues of WAYP are going to be more about backlogs, but with...

  • News March 2017 NPD: Two PS4 Exclusives in Top Five Spots

    Horizon: Zero Dawn and MLB The Show 17 start strong

    United States sales tracking firm NPD has changed its public data release format yet again this month, revealing the top 20 best-selling titles in America for March – with some digital included. You may recall that the organisation already announced hardware results, with the Nintendo Switch's...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Numbers Continue to Drop as Software Dries Up


    The Japanese sales charts haven't made for especially interesting reading in weeks - at least as far as PlayStation goes. Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch last month, the PlayStation 4 has been pushed out of focus due to a lack of notable software releases. Naturally, this also means that hardware figures are in a gradual decline, with...

  • News Scheduled PlayStation Network Maintenance Returns Next Week

    But it shouldn't really affect you

    People like to complain, but there's no doubt that the PlayStation Network has improved a lot these past couple of years. There hasn't been a proper outage in months, and things generally feel much more stable these days than they did at the start of the generation. Still, maintenance is required if an online...

  • UK Sales Charts Ghost Recon Returns As Persona 5 Disappears

    Atlus JRPG drops out of the Top 40 entirely

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands reclaimed its place at the top of the UK sales charts this week, as stock issues caused Persona 5 to fall from the summit to outside the Top 40 entirely, which is the first time we've ever seen that happen. Talk about front-loaded! The top five was dominated by some...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Easter Edition 5


    Ah, the long Easter weekend: home to brighter weather, chocolate-based treats, and a couple of extra days gaming. Welcome to the fifth special Spring edition of What Are You Playing, which is actually no different to a regular week, we've just given it a different title. Sammy Barker, Editor: I'm still slogging my way through Mass...

  • News PSN Flash Sale Brings Down Dozens of Prices on NA PlayStation Store

    Reductions remastered

    It's officially the Easter weekend which can only mean one thing: there's a Flash Sale on the North American PlayStation Store. This one's got a bit of a remaster theme, as it focuses on old classics that have been spruced up for the PlayStation 4. Some highlights include Ape Escape 2 for $3.99, The Last of Us Remastered for...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Battles to Top of PlayStation Store Charts

    But only in Europe

    You can be sure it's a slow news day when we report on the PlayStation Store charts, but maybe this is something you'd like to see us cover more regularly? After all, we're pretty thorough when it comes to the UK, Japan, and USA sales charts, and the PlayStation Store is becoming an increasingly important part of the game...

  • Weirdness Finally You Can 3D Print Your Own PlayStation Trophies

    Trophy unlocked

    What's this nonsense about Trophies being meaningless, virtual awards? If you happen to be one of the two people on the planet with a 3D printer, you can now download the files to manufacture your own set of PlayStation trinkets through here. This includes the bog standard Bronze, Silver, and Gold style, as well as the coveted...

  • Poll Should Sony Be Looking to Add Refunds to PSN?

    Cash back

    This is an article that we've had on the backburner for a while now, but Microsoft has somewhat forced our hand. One of the big features on Steam for quite a while has been its ability to allow you to get a refund on digital purchases. The terms of service state that, as long as you don't abuse the system, you're eligible to request a...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Switch Steady As All Other Systems Slump

    A slow week in the East

    There's really not much to say in what was comfortably one of the slowest weeks for the Japanese games industry in some time. A steady supply of Switch stock has helped Nintendo's new hardware to hold strong, but all other systems – the PlayStation 4 Pro excluded – saw their sales numbers decline this week. LEGO Worlds...

  • Store Update 11th April 2017 (Europe)

    Karma chameleon

    It's a much quieter week on the European PlayStation Store this time, though there are still the likes of Yooka-Laylee and The Sexy Brutale to look forward to, proving yet again that the PlayStation Store rarely ever sleeps. PlayStation VR fans can also pick up StarBlood Arena, though we're yet to be convinced by the cockpit affair...

  • UK Sales Charts Persona 5 Smashes Series Records to Top

    Well deserved, too

    What the heck is this? A Japanese role-playing game not named 'Final Fantasy' at number one? Surely not? It's true: Persona 5 has robbed the rest of the UK sales charts blind this week, climbing to the summit and securing Atlus' best ever launch in Britain by some margin. Not bad at all, eh? The title sold 97 per cent of its...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 163

    Spring time

    We're into April now, which means that Easter is right around the corner and summer looms temptingly on the horizon. It also means that, while most of the big blockbusters have been pushed out ahead of the new fiscal year, there's a colourful array of smaller content for you to sink your teeth into. The question is: what are you playing?...

  • News Digimon Story: Hacker's Memory Downloads a Slick New Trailer

    Shows a load of new monsters

    Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory may have an overly long and awkward name, but it's looking like another great role-playing game for fans of Japan's digital monsters. The title's scheduled for a 2018 release here in the West, which gives us plenty of time to devour Japanese teaser trailers like the one we've...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Musou Stars Barely Shines as PS4 Has a Quiet Week

    Slow and steady

    There's no point in trying to sugarcoat it: these latest Japanese sales charts really aren't all that interesting. Two new PlayStation 4 titles made it into the software top ten, with hack and slash crossover Musou Stars entering in second place while the terribly named Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions...

  • News Hundreds of PS4 Games Are Discounted in EU Easter Sale

    A whopping 440 items to be precise

    Over the past few years, Sony's really embraced PlayStation Store sales – they're honestly not a million miles off the infamous Steam sales these days. Sure the prices aren't quite as good, but we're confident you'll find at least one thing worth purchasing in this European Easter sale, which spans a whopping 440...

  • 3

    PS Vita

    Review A Rose in the Twilight

    The rose beyond the wall

    Nippon Ichi certainly knows how to tell gruesome tales featuring adorable looking young girls! The creators of Yomawari: Night Alone have returned with a brand new puzzle platformer, A Rose in the Twilight. It's a tale of innocence, friendship, and blood. A young girl with a thorn upon her back awakens in the rubble, deep...

  • Store Update 4th April 2017 (Europe)

    It's a big'un

    Good grief, this week's European PlayStation Store update is so big that there's even a bloody PlayStation 3 game. Could it be one of the last ever? That game is of course Persona 5, which is also due out on the PlayStation 4. Other goodies this week include PaRappa the Rapper Remastered, Blackwood Crossing, LEGO City Undercover,...

  • News April's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Out Now

    Drawn to life

    April's free roster of PlayStation Plus titles are available to download right now from the European PlayStation Store, with a North American rollout set to follow shortly after the publication of this post. The games this time include madcap multiplayer shooter Drawn to Death and novel co-operative puzzler Lovers in a Dangerous...

  • News Don't Forget to Download March's Free PlayStation Plus Games

    Last chance to grab Tearaway: Unfolded and Disc Jam

    The weekly PlayStation Store update is right around the corner, and given that this is the first week of the month, it means that you have literally hours left to download March's roster of free PlayStation Plus games. It was a good month, too – well, depending who you talk to – with the likes...

  • UK Sales Charts Mass Effect Remains in Deep Space for a Second Week

    Top Turian

    Mass Effect: Andromeda has managed a second week at the summit of the UK sales charts, despite a tepid response to the role-playing game. The sequel actually managed to do what Mass Effect 3 couldn't: achieve two consecutive weeks at the top of the British best-sellers list. The third entry in the series was swiftly swiped aside by EA's...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 162

    Pity the fool

    Did you like our April Fools' Day joke? We didn't do one! See, that was part of the joke because you were all reading our articles waiting to find something suspect, weren't you? But the joke's on you because there wasn't a joke. Get it? Hahahahahaha. (Yeah, we just didn't have any time to come up with any good ideas this year.) Sammy...


  • Podcast Episode 24 - Does Persona 5 Make Up For Mass Effect: Andromeda?

    And fresh info from the rumour mill

    Somehow it's been nearly a month since we treated you last to some fine Push Square Podcast Shenanigwans in the form of NieR: Automata and Horizon: Zero Dawn (Don't know what I'm talking about? Check this out). But we're back with what might just be our largest show ever when we get down and dirty with both

  • Game of the Month Top 4 PlayStation Games of March 2017

    Robot dinosaurs, giant demons, more robots, and truth bullets

    March has been another great month for Sony's current-gen console, a machine which seems to be keen on completely stripping us of our free time. Back at the end of February, we were forced to point out that PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn would be, if anything, featured in this...

  • News April PlayStation Plus Games Revealed

    Here we go again

    Sony's revealed April's full PlayStation Plus lineup, and we can already see people sharpening their pitchforks. First off, we have the previously confirmed Drawn to Death on PlayStation 4. It'll be joined by the quirky Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Cross-buy titles include 10 Second Ninja X and Curses 'n Chaos, so you can nab...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Steady in Slow Week for PlayStation

    Nintendo Switch got new stock this week which pushed its hardware and software numbers up significantly, but despite the new console on the block, the PlayStation 4 continues to sell steady. The system racked up another 30,000 or so units between the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro this week – an uneventful but sturdy statistic for the system. Horizon:...

  • News PlayStation Japan Still Has Faith in the PS Vita

    And it's working on a new IP

    Sony's not given up on the PlayStation Vita – well, not in Japan at least! The handheld still sells reasonable numbers in the platform holder's home territory, and that means that the Asian arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment is not ditching the device just yet. Speaking with Trendy Nikkei, gaffer Atsushi Morita...

  • Store Update 28th March 2017 (Europe)

    Home run

    Goddammit man, we swear these European PlayStation Store updates get bigger every week. There are no less than 27 new items this time – and that doesn't include DLC. Alright, some of the new releases are duplicates – like the multiple versions of MLB The Show 17 – but it just goes to show you how popular the PS4 is for developers...

  • News Valkyria Revolution Deploys from 27th June on PS4, Vita

    A new chronicle

    It may not be the console sequel to Valkyria Chronicles that many asked for, but action role-playing game Valkyria Revolution will arrive on Western shores on 27th June in North America and 30th June in Europe. The game will be available both physically and digitally on the PlayStation 4, while you'll be able to purchase a digital...

  • Talking Point Which Free April 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Do You Want?

    Drawn to death

    We already know one of April 2017's free PlayStation Plus games: it's David Jaffe's notebook-based shooter Drawn to Death. But we're expecting Sony to announce the remainder of April's offering later this week, and that begs the question: what do you want? There are a smattering of new titles due out on 4th April – when the free...

  • UK Sales Charts Mass Effect Andromeda Sits Behind Predecessors

    Fails to outsell second and third entry

    Mass Effect: Andromeda has topped the UK sales charts, but it's only managed to outsell the first title in the series. The game enjoyed the third best debut in the four game Mass Effect series, with both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 netting better week ones. It's perhaps worth noting that the industry has...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 161

    Sun is shining

    The sun's actually come out here in the UK and it feels like Spring for the first time in forever. To recycle a tired old joke, then, you better pull your curtains shut and lock yourself inside for some games. It's the weekend so it's time for some WAYP – but what are you playing? Sammy Barker, Editor: I've started Mass Effect:...

  • News NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale Pulls Down Prices on PS4

    PS3 and Vita part of the party, too

    It's the tenth anniversary of the PlayStation Store this week so you're seeing lots of sales popping up all over the world. And of course North America is here with another Flash Sale, this time spanning the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. So what's looking good? Well, Dangerous Golf is surely worth...

  • News Salt and Sanctuary Invests its Souls into PS Vita Next Week

    Will be completely cross-buy

    Ska Studios' outstanding Dark Souls-inspired sidescroller Salt and Sanctuary will finally arrive on the PlayStation Vita next week, the two-person team has announced. Ported by Sickhead Games – the very same team behind the likes of Stardew Valley on the PlayStation 4 – this portable version will be cross-buy with...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Monster Hunter Makes a Peach Beach Splash

    Beast mode

    There are no surprises in this week's Media Create chart as Nintendo 3DS exclusive Monster Hunter XX topped the software charts with a frightening debut of almost 850k units. We wonder whether Capcom will use the success as a means to justify another couple of years of PlayStation Portable assets, or whether it's panicking over the fact...

  • News PlayStation Exclusive Prices Plunge in NA PS Store Sale

    Only on PlayStation

    PlayStation exclusives are the focus of the latest North American PlayStation Store sale, as the prices plunge on some of Sony's biggest releases. Starting today you'll be able to get the likes of God of War III Remastered for $5.99 and Until Dawn for $9.99, and honestly if you haven't played either of those then you really...

  • News Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory Comes West on PS4, Vita in 2018


    It's only just been announced in Japan, but Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory already looks like it could be heading West. Publisher Bandai Namco has trademarked the name "Hacker's Memory" in Europe, suggesting that it's planning on bringing the latest game overseas at some point. It'll be available on PlayStation 4 and Vita...

  • Store Update 21st March 2017 (Europe)

    Deep space

    Whey! After a slow week, the European PlayStation Store is back to its monstrous best, bringing everything from Mass Effect: Andromeda to Toukiden 2 to a console near you. Other notable additions include Gravity Rush 2's free DLC and the existential awesomeness that is Everything. PS4 Games: Goat Simulator: Waste of Space Bundle 21st...

  • UK Sales Charts Ghost Recon: Wildlands Holds On

    Horizon still selling strong

    It's been an electric start to 2017 in many ways, but the industry's just quickly taking a breather before Mass Effect: Andromeda drops. It means that this week's UK sales charts aren't all that exciting, with Ghost Recon: Wildlands retaining its place at the top of the best sellers list. LEGO Worlds is already starting...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 160

    Business as usual

    Ahhh, good – the weekend has arrived again. With the nights drawing longer but the weather still pretty poor, we reckon you can get away with another couple of days curled up on the couch with your PlayStation 4. Here's what we're playing this time. Graham Banas, Reviewer: The monster winter storm that we got has delayed me...

  • News February 2017 NPD: For Honor Ascends as Nioh Stabs Top Ten

    But industry declines persist

    You've got to give credit to Ubisoft: it may not make games that get NeoGAF giddy, but it sure knows the market well. For Honor has climbed straight to the top of NPD charts in the United States for the month of February, with Ghost Recon: Wildlands surely the frontrunner to pull the same party trick in March's report...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Ghost Recon: Wildlands Snipes Kingdom Hearts

    Tango down

    It's a bit weird to look at the latest Japanese software charts and see a new game like Ghost Recon: Wildlands sitting pretty at the top, but that's what we're dealing with this week. Ubisoft's open world stealth-shooter hybrid parachuted in at number one, selling a respectable 89,791 copies. It even managed to beat Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5...

  • News Get a Head Start with Toukiden 2's Free Demo on PS4, Vita

    Carry over your save into the full game

    If you plan on potentially grabbing Toukiden 2 later this month, then you may want to give its free demo a whirl. The download is available now on the North American PlayStation Store, while it'll arrive in Europe on the 17th March. Both PlayStation 4 and Vita users can get in on this one. The demo lets you...

  • Store Update 14th March 2017 (Europe)

    Monokuma's waiting

    The new releases never stop, with Styx: Shards of Darkness and Danganronpa 1/2 Reload vying for top billing this time. There's also Kona to look forward to, as well as a dozen or so other smaller indie titles. PS4 Games: Styx: Shards of Darkness 14th March Paladins Founder's Pack 14th March Death Squared 14th March Eekeemoo...

  • UK Sales Charts Wildlands Scores the Largest Launch of the Year

    Surprise attack

    Ubisoft has once again proven that it's the master of sleeper hits, as its Ghost Recon: Wildlands has secured the largest launch of the year so far. It didn't feel like there was anywhere near the same anticipation for the co-op shooter as the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it's sitting...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 159

    Right on queue

    A busy week here at Push Square has seen PS4 firmware update 4.50 release, as well as several big titles arrive in the office. We'll be letting our hair down this weekend with some good old fashioned gaming, then. Here's what we're playing. Sammy Barker, Editor: I really want to polish up my Horizon: Zero Dawn Platinum Trophy this...

  • News Free Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Expansion Launches Next Week on PS4, Vita

    Warriors of the Sky

    We reckon Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is the best Sword Art Online title on the market, so it's pleasing to hear that the game's long awaited free expansion is launching next week on PlayStation 4 and Vita. Dubbed 'Warriors of the Sky', the expansion will be available as an update, and will feature "extra characters,...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Numbers Hold Despite Switch Launch, Horizon Comes Second to Zelda

    Expected results

    The obvious talking point of the latest Japanese sales charts is the launch of the Nintendo Switch, which unsurprisingly rocketed to the top of the hardware charts. Ninty's newest moved 329,152 units, meaning that it surpassed the PlayStation 4's opening sales by around 20,000 units. Speaking of which, Sony's current-gen console...

  • News PlayStation Plus Members Save Up to 70 Per Cent on EU PS Store

    March madness

    It's easy to forget, but PlayStation Plus is about much more than merely the free games every month. One of the service's unsung benefits are all of the discounts that it provides, and SIEE's going mad this month with a bunch of March double discounts. Those of you without a membership will be able to get up to 35 per cent off select...

  • Podcast Episode 23 - Is Horizon Zero Dawn PS4's Best Exclusive?

    And we get clear with NieR

    Hello you fine people, the Push Square Podcast is back and transmitting straight to your ears with another great episode! This week it's all about Horizon: Zero Dawn as Lord Sammy Barker comes back onto the show to get into the nitty and gritty of Aloy's adventures. He also treats you guys to some stuff about NieR:...

  • Store Update 7th March 2017 (Europe)

    Ghost Recon! NieR Automata! More!

    The good games are showing no signs of slowing, as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is one of the headline additions on the European PlayStation Store this week. It'll be joined a few days later by the bizarre but brilliant NieR Automata, as well as a ton of PlayStation VR content including the free Danganronpa...

  • News March's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Available Now

    Which will you play first?

    Your free roster of PlayStation Plus games for March 2017 are available to download right now in Europe. Those of you in North America may need to wait a few hours following the publication of this article for the freebies to roll out in your region, but rest assured they're coming. The goodies this time include the...

  • News Don't Forget to Download February's Free PlayStation Plus Games

    Your last chance

    Just a gentle reminder that this is your last chance to download February's free roster of PlayStation Plus games. Starting tomorrow, March's lineup – which includes Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam – will be made available, so you've got just about 24 hours left to claim the likes of LittleBigPlanet 3, No

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