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  • News Next Call Of Duty Game Due Out In November, 2010

    Treyarch's next foray into the Call Of Duty franchise - widely rumoured to be set in Vietnam - is due for release in November, ahead of the "gifting season" according to CVG

    Their source - a "senior UK trade rep" - said Activision had told them to expect the game in the same window as Modern Warfare 2.“Activision believes that it can own Christmas again, just as it has in the last two..



  • News Call Of Duty 7 Is Already In Development (Really!)

    Ah-hah another LinkedIn profile, another revelation

    Although it's barely a revelation in this game. Guess what? Treyarch have a new Call Of Duty in development. We'd never have guessed. We actually thought they were going to give the series a rest for a while - especially now Infinity Ward have dropped their respective releases title to just plain Modern Warfare 2. But no. It's in development. It's..