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Podcast: Episode 14 - The PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

Episode 14 - The PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

And is the Iron Price right?

A fictitious prize to whoever cites both references in that sub header! Anyway, we've got another bumper episode for you this week that comes to you with improved microphone quality on my end, for once. Huzzah! This episode, we catch up on all the latest new from the PlayStation Meeting and Tokyo Game Show. Plus, we...

News: Buckle Up with DriveClub VR on 13th October

Buckle Up with DriveClub VR on 13th October

How fast do you wanna go?

It's been described by some major publications as the best virtual reality racing game period, and now DriveClub VR has been confirmed for a 13th October launch. This means that you'll be playing the racer -- which includes new tracks, a brand new campaign, and fresh modes tailored for VR -- on PlayStation VR's launch...

Hardware Review: PS4 Slim - Size Matters

PS4 Slim - Size Matters

Does Sony's diminutive device deliver?

It's amazing how much can happen in the space of a month. If you'd have asked us four weeks ago whether there'd even be a PlayStation 4 Slim, we'd have told you categorically no; days later and we've put Sony's shrunken system through its paces and are bracing ourselves to pen you a full review. There are...

Mission Blog: Chapter 5 - Atlas, At Last

Chapter 5 - Atlas, At Last

We are not alone

I didn't really want to leave the Rachel system. There were lots of planets, all of them were great for different reasons, and I was making mega space bucks. I found another planet, not far from Gravitino Rush, that was covered in venom sacs. They were also worth a bundle, and collecting them was just as dangerous as it was with...

Poll: Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Player?

Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Player?

A moment of clarity

Sony took a bath on the PlayStation 3 just to get Blu-ray into as many homes as possible, so it's strange to see the company ignore the fledgling Ultra High-Definition Blu-ray format a decade later. Times have changed since the turbulent days of 2006, of course: streaming is, for many, their primary means of consuming media now...

TGS 2016: Ogle Some Off-Screen PS4 Pro Images

Ogle Some Off-Screen PS4 Pro Images

Final Fantasy XV! Uncharted 4! Horizon: Zero Dawn!

With regards to 4K resolution and HDR, you really need to see the PlayStation 4 Pro with your own eyes in order to appreciate the improvements that it offers. However, at the Tokyo Game Show this week, Sony is showing off a handful of titles on a very expensive panel – and Game Watch took a few...

News: UK Store GAME Will Sell You a PS4 Pro for £174.99

UK Store GAME Will Sell You a PS4 Pro for £174.99

But you'll need to make some trades

Many have asked whether retailers intend to offer trade-up programmes for the recently announced PlayStation 4 Pro, and it looks like GAME is the first. The UK outlet will sell you one of the supercharged systems for £174.99 – assuming that you're willing to make some trades. It's worth noting that this offer...