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  • News PlayStation Gamers Raise Over 1 Million For Japanese Earthquake Relief

    Give yourselves a huge pat on the back

    Seriously, this is genuinely brilliant news. Sony's announced that PlayStation gamers have donated over £1.01 million to the Japanese Earthquake appeal. That's a staggering number. North American PSN users raised £260,995, while Europe stumped up £538,122, and Asian countries offered £16,673. Japanese gamers themselves coughed up an additional £181,751..

  • News Bonus Content To Be Bundled With The Team ICO Collection

    One could argue that getting high-definition remasters of Team ICO's massive PlayStation 2 adventure titles, ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus, are bonuses enough, but Sony's got some extra goodies to bundle with the upcoming Team ICO Collection to make the package that touch more tempting

    Included with new copies of the game will be a download voucher for two XMB dynamic themes — naturally one for..

  • News Japan's Hot Shots Golf is Now Move-Enabled, But Ours Isn't

    Update rattles into the cup

    Yesterday the Move update for Japan's Minna No Golf 5 — aka Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds in North America and Everybody's Golf: World Tour in Europe — went live, bringing stereoscopic 3D support and Move controls to the cutest golf game on PS3. According to iWaggle3D the motion controller is supported in offline play...

  • News Sony Brings Western Games To Japan, Reveals World Game Project

    Sony wants to educate Japanese gamers on the values of Western titles, and it intends to do so with an event dubbed the "World Game Project"

    The initiative will see the platform holder bring a slew of hot Western titles to Japan's famous Akihabara district. Playable titles will include inFamous 2, Resistance 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Shadows Of The Damned. Yes, we know the latter was..

  • Rumour The Last Guardian to Support PlayStation Move

    Stranger things have happened

    We reported on The Last Guardian's PlayStation Move support last year, when Fumito Ueda commented the game 'may' receive optional Playstation Move controls. The trail went cold after that though, but now it's heating up again. As spotted by iWaggle3D, the Sony Computer Entertainment America press site listed The Last...

  • News Free PlayStation Move Game Featured in JPN Welcome Back Program

    Movin’ back into action

    The Japanese PlayStation Network has been unavailable ever since the initial outage months ago, and while the North America and European territories kicked back into action over a month ago, Japan’s network was still left out in the dark. All that change today as Japans PlayStation Network kicked back into full swing, and...

  • News This Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Collector's Set Is Amazing

    If you're a Resident Evil fan, we suspect you're already dousing yourself with a handheld battery-operated fan

    This 15th Anniversary Collector's Set is particularly amazing. Available exclusively via the e-Capcom store for ¥7,800, the limited edition boxset includes a bonanza of Resident Evil goods, including: all three original Resident Evil titles for PSone, Resident Evil: Revival Edition (the..

  • News Hallelujah: PlayStation Store Officially Returns In Japan

    After a long and torturous rate, the Japanese arm of the PlayStation Store has finally released

    The service was taken down after the infamous PSN outage earlier in the year, and has been held at ransom by the Japanese government ever since. But it's back now, meaning those of us in the West can hop online and finally find out what that bonkers El...

  • News Sony Japan Reveals Move Bundle for Hot Shots Golf PS3

    Will it come West?

    Sony's preparing to patch Move controls into its classic PS3 golf game Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds — otherwise known as Everybody's Golf: World Tour — but in Japan it's going a step further, physically re-releasing the game with a Move Starter Pack to entice PlayStation gamers onto the fairway. The bundle of game, controller...

  • News Sony Reveals 'World Game Project' For Japan

    Typically the Japanese games market can be quite introverted

    While Japanese games have a history of success in the West, few Western games succeed in the Japanese market. This is something Sony's looking to correct with a new initiative in Japan called the "World Game Project". While details are still scarce about the Akihabara event — set to take place at the end of the month — it..

  • News Japanese PlayStation Store Set To Return On Wednesday


    Sony's revealed that the PlayStation Store will finally return in Japan on July 6th. That's this Wednesday if you haven't got a calendar nearby. There's very little else to say other than, yes, the PlayStation Store really has been down this long in Japan. The government demanded Sony provide evidence that the service was sufficiently...


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