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  • News Destiny 2's Second Expansion, Warmind, Launches in May

    Be mindful

    We remember a time when you couldn't possibly escape news regarding Destiny, but now it just seems to slip by without anyone really caring all that much -- and we include ourselves in that. We've been covering the ins and outs of Bungie's shooter and its sequel for years now, but news of Destiny 2's second expansion totally passed us by,...








  • News Limited Edition Destiny 2 DualShock 4 Is Coming to Europe

    It's fugly, though

    Sony's launching a limited edition DualShock 4 alongside Destiny 2 on the 6th September. The primarily white and gold controller will be available across Europe, but for some reason, that doesn't include Poland, Russia, or the UK. A bit weird, that. To be honest, we're not that arsed anyway. We love a good custom DualShock...

  • News Destiny 2 Bundles an Ice Cold Exotic Rifle with Pre-Orders


    Pre-order Destiny 2 and you'll be able to get your hands on Coldheart -- an exotic rifle that appears to fire a beam of icy energy at its target. It looks pretty snazzy and it's probably quite effective in battle. Bungie likes it so much that it even managed to get hold of Ice Ice Baby for its reveal trailer.  We guess the developer...

  • News Destiny 2's Free Roam Patrols Sound a Lot More Interesting

    More of everything

    In IGN's latest Destiny 2 video, we get around eight minutes of patrol gameplay as Bungie talks us through public events, side quests, and the new Lost Sectors, which are basically small dungeons that dot landscapes. For the most part, it all sounds an improvement over the limited amount of stuff you could get up to in...

  • News The Destiny 2 Open Beta Has Been Extended

    But don't expect a smooth ride

    Surprise! Bungie's extended the Destiny 2 beta, so if you haven't given it a shot yet, there's still time. Originally scheduled to end yesterday, the open beta will now last until Tuesday as the developer looks to further test its networking. As such, you can probably expect a few service interruptions as the studio...

  • Video Watch Us Kick Cabal Arse in the Destiny 2 Beta

    Back in the saddle

    Wondering what the Destiny 2 beta is all about? Not sure if you should go and download 15GB of data to your PlayStation 4 just to check it out? Then you're in luck, as regular Push Square stream bloke Alex Stinton played through a good chunk of it so that you don't have to. Watch as he takes on the Cabal in the game's opening...

  • Reminder Destiny 2's Beta Is Open to Everyone Starting Today

    Eyes up, Guardian

    Destiny 2's beta enters its open phase today on PlayStation 4, in case you forgot. The beta itself is relatively small in terms of content -- unless you really like competitive multiplayer -- but it's still well worth a download if you're interested in or at least curious about Bungie's next big hit. The beta weighs in at around...

  • Poll Are You Playing the Destiny 2 Beta This Weekend?

    Cabals deep

    Guardians rejoice: the Destiny 2 open beta is finally here. Or at least, it will be in a few hours depending on when you're reading this article. The beta's been in early access for around three days now and the reception has been a little bit mixed. The usual "Destiny 1.5" criticisms are floating around, and people reckon power...

  • News Here's a Quick Glimpse of a Gorgeous New Destiny 2 Planet

    The great unknown

    Nessus -- an all-new planet that you can explore in Destiny 2 -- is looking like a rather interesting location in IGN's latest teaser video. Full of vibrant colours and Cabal that would like nothing more than to smash your head in, the fresh environment will hopefully offer up some engaging exploration. Nessus is just one of...

  • Hands On Destiny 2's Beta Is Familiar Fun on PS4

    Rise up Guardian... Again

    Destiny promised us a massive multiplayer experience brimming with mystery, adventure, and friends set upon the backdrop of our solar system. What we got was a drip fed experience limited by glass ceilings, turbulent development, and a backdrop of only a handful of planets that all felt worryingly similar. That's not to say...

  • News The Destiny 2 Beta Weighs in at Around 13GB on PS4

    Just so you know

    A quick news story here that may yield important information for some: the Destiny 2 beta is about a 13GB download on the PlayStation 4. Those who have early access codes can redeem them now and get it downloaded in time for when it goes live on the 18th July. Everyone else can jump into the open beta on the 21st July...

  • News Destiny 2's Beta Pre-Load Goes Live Today on PS4

    For those who have early access

    If you've pre-ordered Destiny 2 or if you've managed to get your hands on an early access code, you'll be happy to know that starting today, you can pre-load the game's beta. The beta itself goes live on the 18th July, so if you get it downloaded now, you'll be able to jump straight in when it's up. The process isn't...

  • News New Destiny 2 Video Makes Titan Sentinels Sound Like a Lot of Fun

    Shield brothers

    IGN's back with another Destiny 2 video. This time, members of the development team talk about the Sentinel - the new subclass that's available to Titans. Yeah, that's the one we've seen in gameplay footage - the one with the big bloody shield that can be thrown like a frisbee. Overall it's looking like a really fun subclass, and...

  • News Bungie Hopes People Will Complain About 'Too Much Story' in Destiny 2

    Studio bigs up sequel's plot

    The words 'Destiny' and 'story' have never gone together too well, have they? A compelling plot was something that Destiny sorely lacked, and it was only with big expansions like The Taken King and Rise of Iron that Bungie finally looked like it was able to pull some reasonable narrative strings. With Destiny 2, the...

  • News Destiny 2 Hypes Its Incoming PS4 Open Beta with a Trailer

    It's out very soon indeed

    A hype trailer for a public stress test? You beta believe it. Destiny 2's open beta hits PlayStation 4 in just a couple of weeks, on the 21st July. Those who have pre-ordered the release can get in a bit earlier, on the 18th July. The beta's apparently going to consist of the opening story mission, a Strike, and a...

  • News Say Hello to Your New Home in Destiny 2

    Bungie shows new social space

    With The Tower blown to bits at the start of Destiny 2, the Guardians and all of their little mates are forced to start over somewhere new. That somewhere is The Farm, the sequel's key social space that'll act as your main hub area. IGN's managed to sneak a peek at the location in a new video that we've embedded...


  • News Destiny Dev Had 'No Idea' What the Darkness Actually Was

    No, not the band

    'The Darkness' is a very vague term that Destiny likes to throw at players on a regular basis. Essentially, it's a blanket term that covers all of the bad aliens that you're tasked with shooting - but what actually is the Darkness? Is it some kind of evil energy? Is it an almighty entity that's trying to conquer the universe?...

  • E3 2017 Destiny 2's Release Date Has Been Pushed Forward

    Oh, nice

    Oh, this little nugget of information slipped us by. Talking to Geoff Keighley on his E3 livestream - which we've embedded above - Bungie has revealed that Destiny 2's release date has actually been moved forward a couple of days. The sequel will now launch on the 6th September instead of the 8th. Apparently this will allow for a...

  • E3 2017 Destiny 2's Beta Begins Next Month on PS4

    Pre-order to get early access

    Destiny 2's beta rolls out next month, the game's latest trailer revealed at Sony's E3 2017 press conference last night. Those who pre-order the sequel will get early access to said beta, which begins on the 18th July on PlayStation 4. The beta then enters its open phase on Friday the 21st July so that everyone can...

  • News Destiny 2 Beta Date Coming Our Way at E3 2017

    Bungie's gonna spill the beans

    Now that we've seen Destiny 2 in action and the game has a release date, many Guardians want to know the answer to just one question: when's the open beta happening? Bungie has already confirmed that a public test will be available before the sequel launches in September, but it's yet to give a precise date. That's...





  • News Destiny's Next Big Update Is Due In Spring

    Keeping things ticking

    Following Destiny's The Dawning event, which took place over much of December and early January, it feels like the social shooter has once again fallen off to the side. We've seen this happen time and time again with Bungie's ongoing project, but with Destiny 2 supposedly due later in the year, everyone's wondering how the...


  • News Destiny PS4 Update 2.5.0 Full Patch Notes Released By Bungie

    Dawn of The Dawning

    Destiny's The Dawning winter event should be live any minute, but first, you'll need update 2.5.0, which adds a ton of new stuff to the game. At the time of writing, the patch isn't out just yet on PlayStation 4, but that at least gives you time to peruse the notes that Bungie has released. For starters, you can grab new...

  • News Destiny's Big Winter Event Blasts Off Later Today

    New activities, quests, and loot

    Destiny's The Dawning event goes live later today, offering a slew of new content to get stuck into over the winter holidays. The Sparrow Racing League is back, complete with new tracks, Strikes are getting a new scoring system - which is sticking around even after the event is done, for your information - and...

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