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  • Rumour Could Call of Duty: World at War II Be Treyarch's Next Title?

    Suit up, soldier

    The rumour mill's in overdrive right now, but our bullturd detector reckons that this is just about on the right side of plausible – until proven otherwise, anyway. Earlier in the week, an image appeared on the web hinting that Call of Duty: World at War II would be revealed on 4th May. While it looked professional enough, it's...

  • News Don't Grenade Yourself to Progress in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    The ban hammer awaits

    We're quite prone to the odd misplaced grenade in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but apparently there are worse butter fingers than us. Unfortunately, those with slippy digits are using this 'ailment' to their advantage, committing suicide over and over again in order to get ranked with lower level players. The idea is that...

  • News Gaze Upon Destiny's Most Popular Weapons

    The pick of destiny

    Do you have a favourite weapon in Destiny? An armament that you've never once left in the vault, and that you always carry with you to the far reaches of the galaxy? If so, then the chances are that you've contributed to developer Bungie's investigation into the game's most popular shooters. With data taken from the last two...

  • News Remember to Loot Your Free Legendary Gift in Destiny

    Fashionably late

    Still looting and shooting your way through Destiny in 2015? The holidays may be over and done with, but Bungie's only just gotten round to sending you a present. Head over to the Tower's Postmaster right now, and you can nab yourself a package that contains a random legendary weapon, no grinding required. Of course the real...

  • News Tony Hawk Will Pop Shove-It on PS4 This Year

    Still a Superman

    Tony Hawk may have bailed during much of the PlayStation 3 era, but he's back on his board and pimping a brand new game for the PlayStation 4. The pro skater put in a surprise appearance during Sony's big CES keynote overnight, announcing that a new game bearing his name will launch on the Japanese giant's next-gen machine later...

  • UK Sales Charts Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Remains Frosty in First

    Cold war

    Crisis averted: the office Internet has been restored. Our first full day back at Push Square Towers has been spent on the phone to ISPs and in retail stores purchasing new routers and kit, but we're finally back in action – a few hours later than expected. Fortunately, it's the start of January not E3, so we haven't really missed much...

  • Rumour Destiny to Explore the Plague of Darkness in September

    Ghost busters

    With slick shooting and some stunning scenery, Destiny would have been a shoo-in for our Game of the Year if there was a bit more substance to it. Bungie seems aware that its first-person shooter lacks content, though, and has plotted out a rather long roadmap of post-release support for the not-quite MMO. The plan was put into...





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