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  • Feature The Twelve Stories That Shook PlayStation in 2012 - Part Two

    Stop press

    While the big stories of 2013 are looming larger than a professional basketball player, we’re still not quite finished looking to the past. We’ve cranked up our DeLorean’s Flux Capacitor and set it on a crash course with the last twelve months, where we’ll be taking a look back at six more of the most scorching PlayStation stories...

  • Feature The Twelve Stories That Shook PlayStation in 2012 - Part One

    On the Richter scale

    If you’re reading this then you successfully survived the Mayan’s reported apocalyptic prediction, Christmas dinner, and yet another lousy New Year’s Eve party. But while your freshly erected ‘Cute Kittens’ calendar may be wearing the number 2013, we’re not quite done with the past twelve months just yet. In order to...

  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation Game of 2012

    Top of the drops

    After weeks of careful consideration, heated discussion, and hard work, we’ve reached the conclusion of our game of the year countdown. We know you’re probably still suffering from last night’s New Year festivities, but focus your optics for five minutes while we crown the finest PlayStation game of 2012. Best PlayStation...


  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation 3 Game of 2012

    Hit discs

    For a year that promised so much from a retail perspective, 2012 was more of a letdown than adulthood. Multiple delays, mismanaged expectations, and some genuinely below-par blockbusters sucked the air out of the period more promptly than a perfectly positioned Whoopee Cushion. But while the past twelve months were defined by...

  • Game of the Year Best PSN Game of 2012

    Divine downloads

    The quality of the content available from the PlayStation Network has been growing faster than a lawn dressed in Miracle-Gro – but no year emphasised that better than 2012. Sony’s digital storefront was practically bursting with blockbuster titles this year, many of them pushing the boundaries of the medium itself. With so much...

  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation Vita Game of 2012

    Pocket rockets

    Sony clearly intended for the PlayStation Vita to sprint out of the starting blocks quicker than Usain Bolt when it deployed the system in February. It didn’t. But by launching the platform alongside a star-studded software line-up, at least it ensured that we had plenty to play on the train this year. Best PlayStation Vita Game of...

  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation Move Game of 2012

    Motion in the ocean

    With new console launches hogging the headlines harder than Kristen Stewart and Harry Styles, the PlayStation Move was pushed to the sidelines slightly in 2012. But while the motion peripheral may have been left howling for attention louder than a member of The Wanted, it still managed to muster a selection box of software worth...

  • Game of the Year Best PlayStation Minis Game of 2012

    Mini marvels

    If this year proves to be the last for Sony’s short-lived PlayStation Minis initiative, then at least the platform holder can boast that the service bowed out with a bang. Sure, the selection of bite-sized blockbusters may have struggled to fill the bottom layer of a cheap box of chocolates, but slim pickings are satisfactory when...


  • Feature Five Move Games to Watch in 2012

    Get out your calendars

    Last year was a pretty full year of PlayStation Move games — we make it 80 Move-compatible games were released in 2011 — but we're sure 2012 is going to be even bigger. Here we've picked just five upcoming PlayStation Move games we think you'll want to watch out for in 2012. Sorcery:

  • Feature Push Square's PlayStation Predictions For 2012

    It's 2012; the future is upon us

    You didn't notice? Seriously, stop reading this article right now and find your nearest window — don't worry, we'll wait. Good, you're back. Did you notice the flying cars and newly built steel sky-scrapers on the horizon? Yeah, exactly. The future, huh? Unfortunately the future isn't quite as exciting as late 70s...

  • News Happy New Year from Movemodo!

    2012 – you're next

    As we close the book on 2011 we open a fresh page for 2012, and a what year it's looking to be for PlayStation — and for us. Highlights of the coming year include Sorcery, DUST 514 Star Trek and plenty more. We have some extremely exciting developments up our sleeve for 2012 that we're sure you love. We'll tell you more in the...

  • News Happy New Year from VitaGamr!

    2012, here we come

    2012 is the year PlayStation makes its next major move in the console business, releasing PlayStation Vita in Europe and North America on 22nd February. Just as PlayStation is ready to leap forward, so are we at VitaGamr: committed to bringing you the most important news and reviews from the world of PlayStation Vita. We're...