The Brazil Game Show is a smaller event in the global gaming calendar than the likes of Gamescom or E3, but it's still South America's largest video game expo. Sony has historically taken part in the October show, exhibiting its games in the region as it does at many other events. However, this year, perhaps unsurprisingly, will be different.

Sony has announced it won't be taking part in this year's Brazil Game Show. The news comes from PlayStation's official Twitter account for the country:

Roughly translated, it reads: "After a long evaluation, Sony Interactive Entertainment decided not to participate in the Brasil Game Show in 2020. We can't wait to be able to interact with our fans in Brazil and announce exciting activities until the end of the year."

The reasoning behind this decision hasn't been made clear, but it's fair to say the coronavirus situation will be the primary factor. In October, when this show is due to go ahead, Sony will be gearing up for the launch of PS5. The company is adamant the next-gen console will be launching as planned in Holiday 2020. Let's hope it can stick to the plan amid all the disruption -- even if it means missing out on events like this.

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