News - 2019, Week 28

Monday15th Jul 2019

Sunday14th Jul 2019

  • Guide The Last of Us 2 PS4 FAQ - Everything We Know So Far

    All the answers for The Last of Us: Part II

    The Last of Us: Part II is probably Sony's biggest PS4 exclusive on the horizon. The original game is a modern classic from Naughty Dog, and the sequel is looking just as good. Though Sony hasn't revealed all that much about the highly anticipated title, there's enough information floating around to...

  • News Super Mario 64's Physics Flawlessly Recreated in Dreams


    A complaint often levelled at user-generated content is that it rarely plays as well as a professionally made game. It’s a fair criticism: hobbyist creators working in suites such as LittleBigPlanet are often capable of incredible artistic achievements, but it’s rare for amateurs to get that all-important “feel” right. That’s what...

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