It’s no longer Shuhei Yoshida you need to beg for Bloodborne 2, because the role of Worldwide Studios president has been handed to ex-Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst. The Dutchman hasn’t been in the role long, and so we’re hearing from him for the first time as part of a feature on PlayStation’s impressive 25th anniversary in Game Informer magazine.

Here’s what he had to say about the state of games: “Games have now fully entered the mainstream of pop-culture media. That is both amazing and exciting. Our challenge as creators is to be meaningful to so many people while simultaneously cherishing the counter-cultural aspects that make gaming the quirky, odd, off-kilter, surprising, and sometimes shocking expressions that they need to be. Our collective voices as game devs have become more diverse and therefore more interesting as a result. It’s exciting to look at a future where people around the world start seeing games as something significant, something sincere, and worthwhile.”

It seems like Hulst views the impact of games as important, but he also wants to embrace the industry’s zanier side. This will come as refreshing news for fans of out-there experiences like, say, Tokyo Jungle, as it doesn’t sound like Hulst wants to do away with that aspect of PlayStation’s first-party output at all. We’re eager to see what the company produces with him at the helm.