Spider Man PS4 beginners guide

Marvel's Spider-Man does a terrific job of making you feel like Spider-Man. Thanks to the intuitive controls, you can whizz through the city at ease, beating up punks with the athleticism and style of the web-slinger himself.

But it's not devoid of challenge. There are times when you'll face seemingly impossible odds in combat or have to get across the city with enough speed to make even the concord jealous. No one's that good at first – not even our friendly neighbourhood superhero himself.

But that's what this guide's for, to help bring you up to speed. We'll teach you the basics of combat, webslinging, and using gadgets as well as how to unlock all of the best stuff.

Not THAT Type of Swinging - How To Webswing Like A Pro

Webswinging is Spider-Man's bread and butter, and it's largely simple fare. Press the right trigger while airborne and Spidey will shoot out a web at the nearest surface and swing off it.

If you want to gain any real momentum though, you'll have to time your swings properly. We found the best way to do it is to press X to leap out of the swing when it's just approaching its height and then to hold off on shooting another web until Spidey is about to hit the floor. That way you'll gather plenty of momentum with your follow up swing.

You can trigger a dive by pressing the right analogue in, but we found this was only really worth doing when you initially leap off a building or to generate momentum when you first start swinging.

Spider Man PS4 guide web swinging

There are times when webswinging won't cut it either. Perhaps you need to pull off a tight corner or you're soaring over rooftops with nothing to swing off?

Cornering is your friend in the former situation. Here, you'll want to swing towards the nearest building and wallrun across it, then hold circle as you reach the end to shoot out a web and rapidly corner the building.

As for the latter, aiming at a platform and pressing both triggers at once will cause Spidey to catapult himself at it. Hold X as you approach and you'll perform a point launch, springing yourself back into the air as soon as you land. You can string these together to rapidly propel yourself across rooftops when there's a lack of swinging material.

Lastly, you can pull off a quick web-zip in any direction with a tap of X while freefalling. This is best used to correct mistakes or to get yourself in a better position while in a bind.

Square Your Hips - How to Fight Like Spidey

If you've played an open world action game in the past decade, the combat should prove instantly familiar. Just like in old Assassin's Creed titles, Batman: Arkham Whatever, and Shadow of War, you can pull off a basic attack, counter, and use a variety of special abilities to gain the upper hand in a tight situation.

The most effective way to fight is in the air, we found. Push and hold square (your basic attack button) to launch an opponent into the air and then hammer square to wail on them. This keeps you safe from the swarm of melee thugs, but not gunfire – you'll still have to be wary of that.

Spider Man PS4 guide combat

It's not all about safety though. While in the air, you'll earn more Focus than you would on the ground. This is a gauge that fulls while you're in combat, and increases your damage as well as lets you heal or pull off special moves. You'll want as much of that as you can get later on.

Back to gunfire, though. You'll know when you're about to be shot at when a Spidey sense indicator appears around your head. Simply hit circle as soon as you see this to avoid the gunfire. At that point, you can start beating on your enemy again.

It might pay to take out the ranged opponents first, however. To quickly close the ground between you and them, you can press triangle to use a web and zip straight over.

Suit Up - Recommended Mods, Suit Powers, and Gadgets

You can compliment your combat style with a wide variety of suit powers, gadgets, and mods. We generally found it best to focus on upgrades that filled our Focus metre faster, as that not only increases your damage but also lets you pull off moves that will instantly take down an enemy. 

Any spare mod we'd fill with damage increase mods, but you have to be really confident with dodging to get away with that. If that's not you, it might be a good idea to increase the strength of your heal, or pad out your armour when faced with particularly troublesome enemy types.

There are also situational mods that increase the recharge rate of gadgets or help you get around faster. Use this as necessary. Many challenges require you to pull off specific moves, so if you're struggling, use a mod that will make your life easier.

In terms of gadgets, these also tend to be situational. Our best advice would be not to forget about them – particularly during stealth sections as that's when they're at their most useful. Play around with them at every given opportunity and you'll quickly realise their strengths.

Be a Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man - Do the Side Quests

Our last tip is to, well, try and behave like Spider-Man! Do you think he would openly ignore the desperate pleas of a nearby citizen being harassed? Or just ignore a car chase on the way to his next mission? No, he wouldn't.

It's even more bonkers that you would ignore them, as it actually pays to perform these extra tasks. Poor Spider-Man barely gets a thank you on a good day.

Beat one and you get a variety of tokens. You'll use these to unlock new suits, mods, gadgets, and upgrades – many of which make your life a heck of a lot easier. 

The extra content is generally quite engaging too, and can teach you about mechanics you might have ignored up to that point. Take a breather every once in a while and head on over to your nearest collectible/side-quest/challenge marker to be a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. It pays.