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Tuesday1st May 2018

  • Store Update 1st May 2018 (Europe)


    It’s surely not May already? That’s what our clock computer says. Anyway, it’s Tuesday so it’s time for another European PlayStation Store update. Highlights this time include the non-PlayStation VR arcade tank title Battlezone: Gold Edition and the long-awaited sequel Super Mega Baseball 2. PS4 Games: BUNNY MUST DIE! CHELSEA...

  • News Last Chance to Download April 2018's Free PS Plus Games

    Mad, Max

    There are just a few hours before Sony replaces April 2018’s roster of free PlayStation Plus games with May 2018’s roster. This means that you’ve got one last opportunity to download the likes of Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo on the PlayStation 4, as well as the various PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles, too

Monday30th Apr 2018

Sunday29th Apr 2018

  • News Sony Data Shows Digital Sales Continue to Grow on PS4

    PlayStation Store taking over

    The transition to digital storefronts like the PlayStation Store on consoles is gradually growing every year, and it won’t be long now before its sales eclipse physical ones. New data from Sony’s latest financial report shows that in the quarter that ended 31st March, 2018, an impressive 43 per cent of the...

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    Review To Leave

    Magical door knocking

    Difficulty is a bit of a touchy subject when it comes to video games. On occasion it can be the element that elevates a title to the next level, with the likes of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Nioh using their tough nature as an advantage. On the other hand, however, a brutal difficulty has the potential to lead to...

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  • News God of War Is Now the Highest Rated PS4 Exclusive of All Time

    And the second best game on the platform

    God of War reviews were published late last week, bringing with them a slew of plaudits for Sony Santa Monica’s latest. The title got off to an outstanding start on aggregate website Metacritic, but rather than suffer from the usual slump, it’s actually been rising up the rankings as new ratings come in...

  • Soapbox Far Cry 5's Arcade Mode Is One of the Worst Multiplayer Offerings This Generation

    Liam's having a curation nightmare

    Tacked-on multiplayer modes were something that plagued the previous generation of consoles with poor online options that didn't really need to be there at all. Ninja Gaiden III brought its bloodshed to multiple players at once to little applause, BioShock 2 distributed plasmids online with not a lot of fanfare,...

  • News After Battlefront 2, EA Says It 'Can't Afford to Make Similar Mistakes' with Battlefield, ANTHEM

    "And we won't"

    Following a management reshuffle over at EA, newly assigned chief design officer Patrick Söderlund has opened up about the mistakes that the company made with Star Wars Battlefront 2 in an interview with The Verge. Söderlund admits that the sequel's progression system was handled poorly at launch, with...

  • Guide God of War FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All your questions answered

    God of War launches this week on the PlayStation 4, and if you haven’t read our glowing review yet then you know what you need to do. With such a major release right around the corner, we figured that we’d answer a handful of your most frequently asked questions pertaining to Kratos’ latest and (arguably) greatest...

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    Review Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

    Way of the Dragon

    Yakuza 6: The Song of Life looks and feels like the next-gen Yakuza that we've been waiting for. Taking the developer's Dragon Engine out for its first drive, this is the sixth (or seventh, if you count the fantastic Yakuza 0) mainline entry in SEGA's crime drama action role-playing game series, and it's bloody brilliant. The much...

  • Report Sony's Mark Cerny Is on the Road Talking PS5 with Developers

    But it's unlikely to arrive soon

    Mark Cerny’s role as the PlayStation 4’s lead architect is one of the key reasons behind the console’s success, as he sought to right the wrongs of the PlayStation 3 and collaborated with developers – both first-party and third-party – on a system that was much easier to work with. According to a Digital...

  • Feature Dreams, the PS4 Exclusive Everyone's Sleeping On

    A Dream come true

    There’s real excitement among the PlayStation fanbase following God of War’s outstanding reviews. Much like with Horizon: Zero Dawn last year, Sony’s first-party has done it again – except this time Kratos has actually exceeded all expectations and landed the highest-rated PlayStation 4 exclusive to date. And it’s just...

  • Guide Yakuza 6: The Song of Life FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All your questions answered

    Yakuza 6: The Song of Life launches this week on PlayStation 4. The final chapter in series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu's story, fans of the franchise will likely be diving straight in, but just in case you're new or perhaps a little unsure, we've put together this guide on the most frequently asked questions that we get...

  • News ANTHEM Will Be 'Distinctly BioWare', But 'Unlike Anything You've Played'

    Uh huh

    In a new BioWare blog post penned by general manager Casey Hudson, a little light is perhaps shed on ANTHEM, the studio's upcoming sci-fi title. In the post, Hudson writes about his return to the company and "refocusing BioWare's mission" after missteps with the disappointing Mass Effect: Andromeda. "We need to delight players with new...

  • News Shenmue I & II Will Not Add Time Skip to the First Game

    Changed my mind

    Back when Shenmue was first announced, SEGA leaned heavily into a buzzword: FREE. An acronym, the term stood for “fully reactive eyes entertainment”, and it was essentially used to describe the type of gameplay that we more commonly consider open world today; it meant that the title enabled you the freedom to go anywhere and do...

  • UK Sales Charts Far Cry 5 Starts a Cult at Summit

    Little else going on

    Another desperately slow week for the British games industry concludes with Far Cry 5 at the top of the UK sales charts. This is its third consecutive spell at the summit, which would be nearing a Ubisoft record if God of War wasn’t waiting in the wings to steal its place. Elsewhere, the only other thing of note is Gran...

  • News Kingdom Hearts III Has Game & Watch-esque Minigames

    Sora like those ol' LCD toys

    Square Enix has provided an update on Kingdom Hearts III, but perhaps not the kind that fans wanted to see. A new trailer entitled ‘Classic Kingdom’ shows off several Game & Watch-esque minigames that you’ll be able to play within the PlayStation 4 title, spanning everything from simple platformers to...

  • News Falke Shoots into Street Fighter V Next Week

    Swing and a hit

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's latest playable fighter, Falke, will enter the fray next week, on the 24th April. To make the announcement official, Capcom's pushed out a typical character trailer that shows Falke in action -- and she looks to be an interesting addition. Falke appears to have good ranged options, and...

Sunday15th Apr 2018

  • News You Won't Need to Win Many Games of Lucky Hit to Afford Shenmue I & II

    Collection will cost $29.99

    The Shenmue series includes a variety of ways to make in-game money, whether it’s operating a forklift, gambling, or moving crates (yes, seriously). In real-life, you won’t need to spend too much time grafting to afford SEGA’s anticipated compilation collection, as Shenmue I & II will retail for $29.99 in the...

  • News Persona 3, Persona 5 Dancing Games Boogie in Classic SEGA Threads

    Yakuza! Virtua Fighter! Sonic?

    Looks like Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night are getting some costumes based on classic SEGA franchises. The former will pair up with Virtua Fighter, allowing you to decorate its cast in Sarah Bryant and Wolf Hawkfield clothing. The latter, meanwhile, will land Yakuza and Sonic outfits,...

Saturday14th Apr 2018

  • Soapbox Why You Should Play Shenmue I & II on PS4

    But why you need to be very careful

    If you could hear beyond my screams of elation, the announcement of Shenmue I & II for PlayStation 4 overnight brought with it murmurs of excited curiosity: a new crop of gamers are finally going to get their opportunity to try out this cult series for themselves. That’s a good thing, as Ryo Hazuki’s...

  • Report God of War Elevates Real-Time Visuals to New Heights

    Sony's latest is a tech powerhouse

    God of War is the best looking game we’ve ever played, but don’t just take our word for it – the experts at Digital Foundry have also heaped praise on the PlayStation 4 exclusive, suggesting that it “elevates real-time visuals to new heights while pushing the PlayStation hardware to its limits”. The end...

  • News Shenmue I & II Searching for Sailors on PS4 in 2018

    The day the snow turned to rain

    Wow, we never thought we’d see the day. SEGA has followed up on its promise of a “huge surprise” by announcing that Shenmue I & II will be coming to the PlayStation 4 later this year. Considering we’d written off the possibility of this ever happening, that’s a pretty gigantic surprise indeed. This...

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    Review Infernium

    Hello sweet death

    We weren’t sure quite what to make of Infernium at first – it’s a non-linear first person survival horror that throws you into hell with minimal preparation. This is a vision of hell more about bleak, eerie landscapes and impressive vistas rather than your traditional fire 'n' brimstone DOOM-esque virtual world. The game...

  • News SEGA Falls in Love with Sakura Wars Again

    It's been a decade, my love

    Deep cut Sakura Wars is to make a comeback, as SEGA is working on a new entry in the series. For those who don’t know, this string of tactical role-playing titles with dating sim elements started life on the SEGA Saturn, and was last seen in 2005 on the PlayStation 2. There’s no word on which systems this new version...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 215

    The song of life

    The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah. Makes us want to… Shut the curtains and play video games? That is how the ol’ Bob Marley song goes, right? Anyway, you know what time it is – it’s WAYP time. Sammy Barker, Editor: I’m still playing God of War, a game which still holds many secrets for me to discover...

Friday13th Apr 2018

  • News Sony Is Creating a New Game Development Team in San Diego

    And it could be working on Uncharted

    Sony insinuated recently that it intends to “concentrate” on first-party production moving forwards, strengthening its output of PlayStation exclusives. And it sounds like the first stages of those plans have been put into motion, as job listings suggest that it’s creating a new development team in...

  • Poll Will You Be Buying God of War?

    The big one

    Well, there was really only one big talking point from this week that we could have transformed into a Friday poll: God of War. Reviews for the PlayStation 4 exclusive dropped yesterday morning, and Kratos is currently sitting pretty (don't tell him we called him that) with a 94 on Metacritic. It's safe to say that critics like it. As...

  • Soapbox You Should Play God of War III While You Wait for Kratos' Return

    Greek tragedy

    The new God of War is an extraordinary game and it represents a seismic shift for one of Sony’s most beloved first-party franchises, but with more than a week to go until the title tosses its axe at retailers around the world, you should fill the time with one of Kratos’ previous adventures. God of War III was quietly remastered...

  • News SEGA Teases a 'Huge' Announcement for Tomorrow

    Okay, we'll bite

    SEGA Europe's official Twitter account has teased that a "huge announcement" is happening at the company's SEGA FES event in Tokyo tomorrow (that's the early hours of the morning for us here in Europe). Included is a picture of the show's logo, which features Sonic the Hedgehog, but there's no way of knowing whether the announcement...

    • SEGA
  • Report 2K's Working on a Top-Secret BioShock Title

    Would you kindly be excited?

    Uncovered as part of an excellent Kotaku report on Mafia III’s missteps, a new BioShock game is in development at a top-secret 2K Games studio next door to Hangar 13. According to the article – penned by the ever-reliable Jason Schreier – the Mafia maker was working on an espionage adventure, before it slipped into...

  • News God of War Director Cory Barlog Gets a Special Message from His Dad

    "We are very proud of you"

    When you’re in the nucleus of any video game website, it can be hard to forget that real people work really hard to bring the titles we love to life. This message from God of War director Cory Barlog’s father posted publicly on Twitter earlier today serves as a reminder that there are actual humans behind every...

  • News If You Need Something to Play This Weekend, Ghost Recon: Wildlands Is Free on PS4

    Tango yankee

    Look, we've all been there. A big game's on the horizon (God of War) and you're a bit scared of starting something new before launch in case you don't get it finished in time. Perfectly natural. So you're just looking for something that's not too involved. Maybe you can grind away the hours on Monster Hunter: World? Not a bad idea. Or...

  • News Get Hyped with the God of War PS4 Soundtrack, Now on Spotify

    Very Norse

    We reckon God of War is pretty bloody good, so we're going to take a minute to plug the game's soundtrack, which is available now on music streaming service Spotify. Could be a good way to increase your hype levels if they're not already through the roof and sailing into orbit. Comprising of 21 songs, the album clocks in at over an hour,...

  • News Here's a Glimpse at Fresh Code Vein Gameplay


    Code Vein still doesn't have a confirmed release date, and now that the later months of the year are starting to look pretty darn busy, we're beginning to wonder if the action role-playing title will actually make it out in 2018 to begin with. Speculation aside, at least the game's still looking promising. Bandai Namco's put out a short...

  • News The Banner Saga 3 Marches onto PS4 This Summer Alongside Trilogy Collection

    Sound the horns

    Bringing an end to Stoic's rather good strategy role-playing trilogy, The Banner Saga 3 has a confirmed release date. It'll gather its allies and march onto PlayStation 4 this Summer, on the 24th July. Alongside the third instalment, 505 Games will be publishing a physical collection of all three games on Sony's console, dubbed The...

  • News Co-Op Adventure A Way Out Has Already Sold Over 1 Million Copies

    Breakout hit

    Wow, A Way Out has done rather well for itself, it seems. The co-op adventure title launched just over a couple of weeks ago on the 26 March, but it's already managed to sell through over one million copies. We thought it'd be quite popular, but we didn't think we'd see that kind of figure so quickly. Impressive stuff. Developer...

  • News What Remains of Edith Finch Wins BAFTA for Best Game

    Finch strife

    Giant Sparrow’s inventive first-person adventure What Remains of Edith Finch took home the BAFTA for Best Game at a swish ceremony in London today. The game – a series of vignettes about a slew of untimely family deaths – also scored highly here at Push Square, where we awarded it a 10/10 at release. The sophomore effort from Ian...

  • News THQ Nordic Is Skipping E3 2018 for the World Cup

    Who can blame them?

    E3 2018 and the FIFA World Cup take place in very close proximity to each other this year, and because of that, the Austrian-based company THQ Nordic are snubbing the Los Angeles show floor for the beer gardens of Vienna this time around as they watch the World Cup in Russia from a safe distance.  Because of that, we'll get...

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  • News NIS America: Sony Isn't Friendly with Small Publishers Like Us

    "They just care about big Japanese companies"

    NIS America, the publisher of franchises such as Disgaea and Danganronpa, does not appear to be all that happy with Sony at the moment. Speaking with MCV about a range of subjects – including its partnership with Nintendo on SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy – president Takuro Yamashita...

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    Review Owlboy

    Golden egg

    When Owlboy was first shown over a decade ago, pixel art indie games weren't all that common, but over the course of its lengthy development, they became increasingly numerous as independent development grew more popular. Nowadays, it feels like there are almost too many of them, to the point where a lot of players will write off games...

  • News PS5 Unlikely to Launch in 2018, Says Michael Pachter

    Odds on 2020

    We don’t think anyone really expected the PlayStation 5 to launch this year, despite there being reports to the contrary. Nevertheless, industry analyst Michael Pachter has been chatting to WCCFTech about the probability of a new console this year, and he’s said that there’s a “very low” chance of the PS5 dropping this...

  • News God of War Goes Over Kratos Customisation, Combat, and Character Builds

    God of more

    The latest God of War trailer's quite an interesting one, with director Cory Barlog and his team going over what you can expect from the game's -- dare we say it -- RPG elements. This includes a look at how customisable Kratos is as a playable character. You can chop and change his equipment and his combat abilities to suit your style,...

  • News Grand Theft Auto V Has Made More Money Than any Other Entertainment Product Ever

    Crime does pay

    We already know that Rockstar's mega-hit crime-'em-up, Grand Theft Auto V, is the best selling game of all time, but a new report from MarketWatch reveals that it's comfortably the most profitable game ever. In fact, it's made more cash than any film, album, or other entertainment product in history. Across all p

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    Review Super Daryl Deluxe

    Super Daryl Delax

    Comedy games are often risky projects - it’s harder than you’d think to create a game that’s funny all the way through. Super Daryl Deluxe, from Dan & Gary Games, gives it a good go with its surrealist settings, but its base gameplay isn’t exciting enough to distinguish itself from the many Metroidvania-RPGs on the...

  • PlayStation Store Sales Charts Far Cry 5 Finds the Holy Ground on PS4

    Top seller in NA and EU

    Far Cry 5 is the fastest selling game in the series, and it's been doing well in the physical charts, but what about its performance on digital storefronts? Well, Sony has detailed March's sales charts, and Ubisoft's open world shooter sits atop both the North American and European charts. Also performing well in both regi

  • News SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Brings Waifus to PS4 in September

    Same day as Spider-Man

    Good luck, SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy – you’re officially launching on the same day as Spider-Man. We suppose there’s not a whole lot of crossover between Peter Parker and scantily clad SNK characters, but 7th September doesn’t look like a great release date right now, as we discussed in a recent Ta

  • Soapbox A Love Letter to Video Game Developers and Artists

    Gabriella puts forward her argument for games as art

    I’m an hour into replaying Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, a game that captivated me in 2017. I meander through the streets, enthralled by its ridiculous attention to detail and bask in its marvellous colours. I put my controller down for a minute, and I’m suddenly struck by the realisation...

  • UK Sales Charts Far Cry 5 Is No.1 for Second Week Running

    A quiet week

    The latest weekly UK chart is in, and, well, not a whole lot has changed. Ubisoft's Far Cry 5, the fastest selling title in the franchise, is still top of the pile. In fact, the top three hasn't changed; FIFA 18 and Sea of Thieves remain in second and third place respectively. A lack of notable new releases means the chart is largely...

  • News One Piece: Grand Cruise Sails to PSVR on 22nd May

    Luffy here

    One Piece: Grand Cruise, the PlayStation VR powered experience inspired by the popular Weekly Shōnen Jump series, will drop its anchor on 22nd May in Europe and North America. According to the press release, the title will see you “step onto the famous Thousand Sunny ship to meet the legendary Straw Hat Crew including Luffy, Zoro,...

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  • Guide All PS4 Pro Enhanced Games

    Go Pro

    Just got yourself a brand spanking new PS4 Pro and don't know which games to get for it? Well, not to fear for Push Square is to the rescue! Below, we've got a list of every single PS4 game that's PS4 Pro enhanced, so you can easily scan down and pick a few that interest you. But before you do that, let's quickly talk about what that...

  • News Spider-Man PS4's Release Date Has Been Decided

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    Spider-Man’s hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 release date has been decided, according to Game Informer magazine. As part of an exclusive cover story set to run this week and all month online, the popular American publication has confirmed that it’s played the game – and knows its release date. Of course,...

  • News Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Characters Leaked Through More Datamining

    It looks like the rumours were right

    Rumours regarding the complete roster of additional Dragon Ball FighterZ characters have been swirling for months now, but it's looking like the title's latest patch all but confirms which characters will be added. YouTube user Mizumi found files that suggest previous leaks were indeed correct, with Fused...

  • Guide PS4 Pro - How to Enable Boost Mode, 4K, and HDR to Make the Most of the PS4 Pro

    You almost need to be a pro to figure it all out

    So you've just bought a nice and shiny new PS4 Pro and have plugged it into either an even shinier 4K TV or a solid and reliable 1080p HDTV. Congratulations, you've just taken a half step towards the next generation! The problem is, regardless of the type of TV you own, you can't just use a PS4 Pro...

  • News April 2018's Free PlayStation Plus Games Are Out Now

    Road rage

    April 2018’s roster of free PlayStation Plus games are available to download now in Europe, with North America set to follow shortly. The free games, in case you missed the announcement, include Mad Max and TrackMania: Turbo on the PlayStation 4. One extra bonus is that PlayStation 3 freebie In Space We Brawl appears to be cross-buy, so...

  • News Burnout Paradise Remastered Patch Smashes onto PS4 Today

    Update: Available now

    Criterion Games has revealed on Twitter that a patch for Burnout Paradise Remastered will be barrel rolling its way to PlayStation 4 today. The headline fix will be to the corrupted save files, which seemed to be a pretty widespread issue. Stats in online play will also be addressed, and we're hoping the game's hard crashes...

  • News Free-to-Play Action MMORPG Tera Is Out Now on PS4


    Following on from the game's open beta last month, free-to-play MMO Tera has arrived in full on PlayStation 4. Hit up the PlayStation Store and you should find it available to download under new releases. If not, you may have to search for it manually. The download itself is quite hefty weighing in at around 46GB, but seeing as you don't...

  • News Spyro the Dragon PS4 Announcement Looks Set to Hatch

    Cracking stuff

    The world is waiting (to port beg) for Spyro the Dragon’s rumoured remake, and IGN may have received the biggest hint that an announcement is imminent. The site was sent a purple, scaled egg from a mysterious individual named Falcon McBob. Those of you with

  • News Future Updates to Middle-earth: Shadow of War Will Remove Microtransactions

    That orc to please fans

    Middle-earth: Shadow of War released about six months ago, and was generally a very good game, but those pesky microtransactions wormed their way in, offering needless new ways to gather orcs for your army. Fortunately, developer Monolith Productions has posted a detailed update on the game's website, going over future plans...

  • News Dark Souls Remastered Cleans Up Nicely on PS4 Pro

    But it's nothing amazing

    The first footage of Dark Souls Remastered running on the PlayStation 4 Pro has hit the web, and it’s looking perfectly adequate. Running in 4K at 60 frames-per-second on Sony’s supercharged system, the title’s looking tight, with improved lighting and textures pushing it above its PlayStation 3 counterpart. To be...

  • News Fresh Spider-Man PS4 Information Will be Swinging Online Soon

    Game Informer's new cover feature revealed

    American games publication Game Informer has just announced the cover of its May issue, revealing that Spider-Man is the headline feature in the new mag. Game Informer teases that they've played the game extensively, and know its release date, which could mean an official announcement on that front is just...

  • 14


    Review Minit

    Full minute hero

    Minit is the adventure game distilled down to its purest and simplest form. Developed by a team of independent developers whose combined credits include Horizon: Zero Dawn, Celeste, and Nuclear Throne, this is a top-down, open world adventure game you play a minute at a time. It doesn't sound like it should work, but it somehow does...

  • Game of the Month Top 4 PlayStation Games of March 2018

    Cars, guns, jailbreaks, and higgledies

    As is usually the case, March was quite a busy month for PlayStation. EA actually decided to remaster a game, Ni no Kuni II finally launched, and the Ubisoft open world factory pumped out another vast adventure packed with enemy camps and hilarious bugs. Needless to say, our internal Game of the Month...

  • News 2MD: VR Football Looks Down Field This Spring on PSVR

    Titanic touchdown

    We quite liked virtual reality soccer sim VRFC recently, but we couldn’t help but think that good ol’ gridiron would be a better fit for PlayStation VR. Fortunately, the folks at Truant Pixel got the memo, as it’s lining up 2MD: VR Football for release on Sony’s headset this Spring. Are you ready to become virtual Tom...

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