Somehow it's E3 again, which apparently means all the news about video games! After recovering from the notion that it's already been a whole year, we knuckle down this episode to cover all the big hitters announced, talked about, and generally witnessed with eyeballs at the convention this year. While we touch on stuff seen at Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft and even Xbox's respective conferences, we of course pay particular attention to Sony's bumper showcase. Prepare yourselves for the likes of God of War, ANTHEM, Days Gone and even some positive thoughts on Call of Duty from Potter. Yes, Hell has apparently frozen over. And, if there's anything E3 you're left craving, then be sure to have a look at all the hard work of the Push Square team from the last few days right here.

While this means the running schedule is a little less packed than usual, we don't stray too far from the norm because once we've adequately informed all you lovely folks about E3's offerings, we of course round off the show, with the great questions asked by you guys in our forum thread. We love chatting with you and hearing your feedback about the 'cast, so please feel free to drop a comment in the forum thread, in the comments section below, or by emailing us at our fancy pants email: [email protected]. Better yet, if you're a tweeter on the Twittersphere then check us out @pushsquarepod, where we share silly GIFs and all kinds of other Sheninigwans. We'd really love it if you could give that a follow.

Show Notes

  • Big E3 News: 02:17
  • PlayStation Conference Highlights: 34:14
  • VR and Other Tidbits: 49:43
  • Audience Questions: 1:10:48

Your Hosts

Ben Potter 
Twitter: @Confused_Dude

Having twice been admitted to a clinic for Platinum addiction, Ben frequently collects the most reprehensible Trophies that PSN has to offer.


Ben Tarrant Twitter: @Ben_Tarrant

Ben is Push Square's resident Indie Apologist that's super smug about the Shadow of the Colossus remake. That'll learn ya for laughing at the idea of a remake of a remaster.

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