“I’m the host of a fungus that grows in my brain, but it keeps off the sun and it keeps out the rain.” That’s the ditty that complements this brilliant children’s edition of The Last of Us, which is one of many incredible Dr. Seuss-inspired video game adaptations by Australian artist DrFaustusAU. The talented illustrator started out converting H.P. Lovecraft stories, but has since re-imagined a slew of blockbuster PlayStation brands.

You can view his full gallery of work through here, but some of our favourites include Under the Sea with Mister B (BioShock), Some Time to Kill in Silent Hill (Silent Hill 2), and If I Were a Dovahkiin (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). To be honest, we’d rather read these than The Cat in the Hat again – and we’re sure that most youngsters would agree. Which of these pieces of fictional fiction is your favourite? Read to the class in the comments section below.

Book Bio 2
Book Sh 3
Book Sky 4

[source drfaustusau.deviantart.com]