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Duh, No Console Is Complete Without a Match Three Puzzler

Posted by Sammy Barker

Balls of cheer

You may have purchased your PlayStation 4 for extortionate blockbusters that bankrupt development teams when you pick them up used, but everyone knows that you can’t have a console without a match three puzzler of some kind. Sony’s flagship handheld already has a couple of these, but the firm’s next-gen system is about to get its first courtesy of Sparkle 2.

Developed by King Oddball creator 10tons, the cross-buy release promises “superbly polished” marble action set in a “mysterious world” filled with colourful balls. To be fair, it does look outrageously shiny, and the addition of power ups has this editor's ears perked. One particularly neat feature is the ability to employ the DualShock 4’s touchpad to control the action on the PS4.

The title’s set to roll onto the PlayStation Network on 20th May in North America and 21st May in Europe. There’s no word on a price just yet, but we suspect that it’ll be reasonably cheap. If you’re still not sure what you’re in for, we’ve included a trailer below. We also reviewed this oversaturated outing's predecessor a while ago, which you can read through here.


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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Looks a lot more appealing than oddball, looks particularly addictive. Reminds me so very much of one of the few 'puzzle' games I liked 'puzzle bobble'. Was always playing it in a dingy nightclub on an arcade machine in the early hour's. Probably the easiest indie game I've seen so far that you can pick up and play along with resogun but resogun wasn't for me.



GrafUlrich88 said:

Hey Sammy,
They announced a price of $7.99 and it's cross buy with the Vita Version as well (per PS Blog). Hopefully they will offer a slight discount for PS Plus members for the first two weeks.





rjejr said:

@SimonAdebisi - "Reminds me so very much of one of the few 'puzzle' games I liked 'puzzle bobble'."

Have you never heard of Zuma, Zumas Revenge, or Zuma Blitz? Zuma is on PS3, and Blitz is free on Facebook.

Maybe it's just a pet peeve of mine and nobody elses. but it's Bejeweled clones that are "match 3 puzzlers", not Zuma clones, which are "matching puzzlers" without the 3.



rjejr said:

@SimonAdebisi - Still surprised to hear somebody hasn't heard about Zuma, those games have been out over 10 years. I put it up there w/ Tetris and Bejeweled as just games that everybody knows about even if they've never played them and have no inclination to do so.

Luxor also had a run of similar games that look almost EXACTLY like Sparkle. But I see Luxor as the 2nd brand, like it's either a Kleenex or it's a tissue, it's either a Xerox or it's a photocopy. Nobody ever remembers #2. Candy Crush Saga may be an exception to that, over-ruling Bejeweled.

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