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Weirdness: Battlefield 4 Would Like You to Know All About the Need for Speed Movie

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Like it or not, advertising is becoming a part of console gaming. Sony may have been eager to avoid it on the PlayStation 3’s dashboard, but the ‘What’s New’ area of the PlayStation 4 is packed with promotions for upcoming titles and films. And it’s only a matter of time before that section gets stuffed with Axe deodorant and Doritos, too.

However, if you thought that your games would always provide a haven away from marketers and desperate salesmen, then you should probably reconsider your stance, as EA has supposedly stuffed troubled first-person shooter Battlefield 4 full of commercials for the upcoming Need for Speed movie. It’s, er, totally out now in the UK by the way.

While we haven’t been able to verify this for ourselves, a mob of angry Reddit users are currently up in arms over the intrusive ads, which you can see in the above image. The issue is, of course, worsened by the fact that the DICE developed title has been a bit of mess since release, with many players still suffering from connection hiccups and bugs.

This isn’t the first time that a publisher’s tried to incorporate product promotions in a game. Sony was famously blasted a few years back for adding adverts to WipEout HD, while Barack Obama purchased billboards inside Burnout Paradise. Personally, we can’t wait to see what happens when the next Mass Effect is sponsored by Colgate. “This is the best toothpaste on the Citadel,” said no one ever.


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gr8apeb8 said:

Every time I load BF4 it's a new bloody adventure. Some days you don't know if your going to start all over or if your hours of mp unlocks are going to show up to the party. Trophies that randomly unlock long after you originally got them, and that lovely campaign that you worked so hard to finish that decides you need to do the whole Damn thing again. (one more F-bomb from irish and I'll microwave that disk). I like the game the problems bugged me, but the advertising makes me irate I already dumped money on this game and two DLC packs (the game market is dry right now), but now I have to slog through these horrendously designed adds for a movie I could care less about. If EA is that hard up for money maybe they should of had the foresight to make titanfall multi platform. That would have made them more money than another poorly written Hollywood mess. Sorry for the rant.



charlesnarles said:

@gr8apeb8 its true. Far too many updates = wasn't finished at all. Like how Sims 3 just stops working after you have grandkids even with all the expansions and updates. I got the BF4 Season Pass a while ago but definitely would not have if I had known what the totality of the circumstances would end up being

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