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PS4 Outpaces Xbox One in UK Retail Traffic Stats

Posted by Sammy Barker

Running away with the lead

At this point, Sony’s next generation system is stomping the Xbox One for fun. Not content with outselling Microsoft’s machine in the November NPDs, the PlayStation 4 has also come out on top in a British retail website study. According to, the Japanese giant’s latest device commanded a much greater proportion of traffic on online outlets such as GAME, Tesco, and Argos.

While the system’s lead was small on the abovementioned sites, it almost doubled its competitor’s numbers at Zavvi and Asda. It’s worth noting that the percentages for both platforms are lower at the supermarkets due to consoles having to compete with a much greater number of products. Yes, toothpaste does garner more traffic than cutting-edge hardware at Tesco.

PS4 – 12%
Xbox One – 11%

PS4 – 8.6%
Xbox One – 3.2%

PS4 – 1.2%
Xbox One – 0.9%

PS4 – 0.3%
Xbox One – 0.2%

PS4 – 1.1%
Xbox One – 0.6%


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MadchesterManc said:

Its no suprise to see the lead so slender at GAME. I think Microsoft must have a partnership with them as they've been pushing the Xbox One hard. AT my local store almost the entire front window display is Xbox One with a small corner for the Ps4. Even the staff are at it. When I was at a Ps4 hands-on a few months back you wouldn't beleive the amount of times I got pestered about an Xbox One preorder. Im guessing everywhere else the advertising isn't so biased



Carl-G said:

No wonder i never shop at GAME, they seem so pro-Xbox whenever i am in there. Well most UK shops are really :-/ i.e in my Local Argos they have a massive Xbox ONE display and nothing for the PS4 Just like the PS3 in the past in UK shops you wouldn't even know it exsited Whoever is in charge of the Retail side of the business for SONY in the UK should be SACKED i think :-/



GraveLordXD said:

I'm not into the whole console war thing as I usually end up with all systems but things have changed for me now and I seriously hope Sony and Nintendo do way better than the back stabbing company that Microsoft is
Fact that they actually have DRM in their games prove they have lied once again to us and I can't see how anyone would support them and if you bought one and then complain about them reversing the DRM policy again I don't feel sorry for you one bit



Hokage17 said:

I try to avoid these kind of debates because it always gets ruined by fanboys that have a very narrow point of view. The reasons why PS4 is crushing Xbox One is obvious. It's $100 cheaper, has around 100 GB more useable HDD space that is upgradable, almost 50% more powerful, more compact, better design, stronger 1st party exclusives, people have caught on to Microsofts BS such as DRM and 24 hour check ins which they try to act as if it never even happened, and the list goes on. Having said that I wouldn't be surprised if I get attacked by some troll trying to justify what makes Xbox One better. The only possible argument is either your completely sold on Kinect which I'm not, your a huge Xbox fan and can't live without Xbox Live and Halo which is almost understandable, or your just really looking forward to Titan Fall ( unproven ) and Quantum Break which actually looks pretty good.

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