Who gives a hoot about fruit when you could be using your favourite touch screen device to slice the heads off pirate monkey zombies? That appears to be the design principle behind Draw Slasher, an impending PlayStation Vita title that sees your finger transformed into a ninja. Much like Halfbrick’s seminal crop cutter, you’ll need to drag your digits across the handheld’s display in order to decapitate all manner of foul-tempered foes.

The title – which is the brainchild of Polish studio Mass Creation – is set to release on 23rd April in North America and 24th April in Europe. It’ll set you back £3.99/$5.99. We’ll have a lot more on the release in the very near future, but in the meantime, check out the announcement trailer embedded below. Do you think that your fingers are up to the task? Let us know in the comments section.