Ever since it was announced at GamesCom earlier this year, people have pondered exactly how cross-buy for the PlayStation 3 and Vita would work. The offer has always seemed easily open to abuse, but Sony has now confirmed that the free handheld version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be tied to your PlayStation Network account.

“Cross-buy works when you insert your PS3 game disc into your PS3, you follow the on-screen instructions to receive your Vita version as a download from the PlayStation Store,” product manager Phil Lynch explained. “It’s tied to your PSN account so you won’t be able to give away the Vita version to a friend.”

While we daresay some people will be frustrated by this, it certainly seems like the fairest way to conduct the offer. If people were simply selling download vouchers for the Vita version on eBay, then that would provide a huge headache for Sony. At least this way it can ensure that the goodwill gesture is always being used as intended.

[via blog.eu.playstation.com]