First in line: Amazon.

The online retailer's tempting PlayStation Vita plans see any existing or future orders of the $300 3G handheld ship with a crucial 8GB memory card, a free month of 'DataConnect' 3G access, and, as part of signing up for the 3G service, a free PSN game.

That's a pretty swell little bundle, and we hope UK retailers are taking note. That said, the sticker on the 3G system's boxart doesn't look particularly retailer specific — we wonder if this deal might be more widespread.

Update @ 20:31PM GMT: As previously hypothesised, this bundle isn't exclusive to Amazon. Sony's John Koller has taken to the PlayStation Blog to confirm the "special launch day" bundle, which includes all of the aforementioned extras. But take heed, for Koller points out that "the SKU is part of a promotional offer and will sell out immediately so we strongly recommend that you purchase your PS Vita early to make sure you get the extra value".

And don't worry if you've already plumped up for a "Fist Edition" PlayStation Vita, as Sony's expanded your offering too. In addition to a 3G PlayStation Vita, 4GB memory stick, case and copy of Little Deviants, you'll also now receive a free month of "Data Connect" 3G and a free PlayStation Network game — again, redeemable upon activation of your 3G account. That all comes in addition to the privilege of owning the system a week ahead of release.

There's much more information on the PlayStation Blog. Let's hope SCEE's watching too.