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Naked Terror in PS3-Only House of the Dead: Overkill Stage

Posted by James Newton


House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut isn't just a polished-up Move version of the Wii original — it's got brand new content too, with SEGA showing off the first of two brand new stages in the upcoming gore 'em up.

Naked Terror puts you inside a strip club full of zombies, gives you a gun and lets you work the rest out for yourself. Most interesting is that you'll play Varla Guns and her stripper friend Candy for the first time in the series as Agents G and Washington are out elsewhere, apparently.

PlayStation Move controls, HD graphics and new stages for House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut should guarantee it's a bloody good time (sorry) when it launches in October.


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DanteWilhelm said:

Having thoroughly enjoyed Dead Space: Extraction I'm sure I will like this.

I liked the story on Extraction, not too story heavy, but where it shone was that the gameplay was basically cutscenes, they entwined the two perfectly without even meaning to.

So you're not in control of the character just like it's a cutscene but none of it is pre-rendered, it is all realtime events, and because it's a rail shooter you don't control the person, just like this.

I hope House of The Dead takes advantage of this and has cutscenes within gameplay in the same way although I'm sure there is a slightly different game, there's zombies, you have a gun kind of scenario rather than focusing on any kind of story.

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