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Ken Levine Praises Killzone 3's Move Controls

Posted by James Newton

Reach for the sky

We don't know too much about how BioShock Infinite will use PlayStation Move, but Irrational Games head guy Ken Levine is certainly impressed with how the controller has been implemented in flagship shooter Killzone 3.

A recent PlayStation Blog post featured a video interview with Levine, and though he didn't give away any information about the controls he did praise Guerilla's effort while pointing out that BioShock's controls are very different: your left hand is a weapon too in BioShock, but as the Navigation controller has no motion-detecting capabilities it remains to be seen how that will function.

Levine also had praise for PlayStation Vita, now set for release next year. If you're interested in Sony's new portable powerhouse, make sure you visit VitaGamr for PlayStation Vita news, reviews and features.


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coroum said:

Maybe they will not implement the sharp shooter for the two hands method



GoldenCannon said:

Killzone 3 is by far the best implementation of Move controller by a FPS game thus far. Hopefully Bioshock can match Killzone 3 Move controls

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