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GamesCom 2011: Silent Hill Book Of Memories Is Not Exactly What We Anticipated

Posted by Sammy Barker

When we learned that WayForward was working on a brand-new Silent Hill title for the PlayStation Vita we were extremely excited

WayForward has a terrific pedigree, and we think horror games feel at home on portable systems — there's something personal about playing a good horror game in bed with headphones, right?

Unfortunately, Silent Hill: Book Of Memories isn't quite what we had in mind. Revealed at Konami's GamesCom press conference earlier today, WayForward revealed a multiplayer action game played from an isometric perspect. Not particularly Silent Hill, eh?

Those that squint closely at the screenshot embedded above will note that Silent Hill protagonists James, Harry and Maria are all set to feature in the same game — though Konami's keen to point out that the title is not cannon, and instead is its own self-contained story.

The game's promising melee combat and a host of RPG elements, though more specific details are vague at this stage. While the game certainly isn't putting its best foot forward, we'll need to know more about Book Of Memories before we can completely write it off.

[Thanks Joystiq]

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