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New Patch Disarms Time Crisis: Razing Storm's Accuracy Issues

Posted by James Newton

Crisis over, and about time

Time Crisis: Razing Storm is a decent compendium of Namco's arcade shooting games but issues with the cursor's accuracy arguably prevented it from reaching its full potential. Now the publisher has released a new, free patch to address the problem, enabling you to blast with full precision.

This new update certainly ups the game's aim, but as our Time Crisis: Razing Storm review points out it's not the title's biggest flaw, which is its lack of replay value once the three games on the disc have been clocked.

Still, if you gave up on the game for its drifting cursor issue now might be the time to head back into battle and pick up where you left off.


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swapnilgyani said:

Good to know that the developers are supporting their game after release and sorting out issues. That said, this does sound like an issue that should have been sorted out before release - perhaps a public beta might have been of help.

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