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Move Launch Helps Sony Post Profit in Q2 2010

Posted by James Newton

Software and hardware sales up

Sony's PlayStation division reported a profitable Q2 in the current financial year thanks to increased sales of PS3 hardware, software and PlayStation Move.

The latest Sony financial report puts PS3 hardware sales at 3.5m worldwide, up from 3.2m last year, with 35.3m units of software shifted, a huge improvement on 23.9m from the same period last year.

The report didn't give specific sales figures for PlayStation Move, but Sony's analysis suggests the add-on has had a positive effect on hardware sales:

While game business sales in total decreased year-on-year, sales of PlayStation®3 (“PS3”) hardware and software increased year-on-year and benefited from the introduction of PlayStation®Move in the current quarter.

Posting an operating profit of $86m, up from last year's $730m loss, puts Sony's PlayStation branch in good stead for a packed Q3 and Q4, with plenty of PlayStation Move games to help lift sales further.


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3-Above said:

Excellent! Just wish Move had a Bigger launch. Alot of retailers didnt take it seriously at all. One establishment didnt even put the Move merchandise on a shelf, they just a a cart full of Move controllers in the asle.

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